Fighting the new Pauper meta – RG Land Destruction

On the 2nd day of the new Pauper meta, ScarletMacaw brought this interesting deck to the Meta:

[d title=”RG Land Destruction (Pauper)”]
13 Forest
9 Mountain

4 Aurochs Herd
4 Durkwood Baloth
4 Fyndhorn Elves
4 Llanowar Elves

Other spells
4 Firebolt
4 Misguided Rage
3 Mwonvuli Acid-Moss
3 Staggershock
4 Stone Rain
4 Thermokarst

4 Ancient Grudge
3 Flame Slash
4 Gleeful Sabotage
4 Smash to Smithereens [/d]

Here is the event: Pauper Daily 4991703

I have been testing the deck as I found it very interesting:

This deck has the neatest sideboard plan I have ever seen (compared to UB Trinket Control four pages of card exchanges):

Are you playing against Affinity?

If yes:
– 4 Misguide Rage, -3 Staggershock, -4 Firebolt, – 4 Thermokarst

+4 Ancient Grudge, +3 Flame Slash, +4 Gleeful Sabotage, +4 Smash to Smithereens

Are you playing against creatures with 3 or 4 toughness in droves and no smaller creatures?

If yes:
+3 Flame Slash
-3 Staggershock

If you are playing against anything else, do not sideboard. It is tempting to side out parts of your maindeck LD, but your main idea is to prey on the aggro decks that play too few lands, so you need to cast a land destruction spell on turn 2.

So what are the matchups like?

Affinity: Horrible pre-sideboard, super-good post-sideboard.

Burn: Not good, but their manabase is shaky.

Delver: Not good, but their manabase is shaky.

Elves: Worse than other Aggro decks, so really bad.

Familiar storm: Very good.

Goblins: Not good, but their manabase is shaky.

Greenpost: If any Cloudpost deck can survive this onslaught, it is Greenpost. Needs to be tested.

GW Auras/Hexproof/Ancestral Mask: Good.

Infect: Good.

Izzet Post: Very good.


MBC: Really bad.

Mono-blue Post: Good.

Mono-blue Stormpost: Good.

MUC: Really bad.

Random aggro: Not good, but their manabase is probably shaky as everyone is too greedy in Pauper when building mana bases.

RG Aggro: Not good.

Slivers: Not good, but their manabase is shaky.

Songs of the Damned: Not good, but their manabase is shaky.

Stompy: Not good, but their manabase is shaky.

Suicide Black: Not good.

Tortured Existence: Not good.

UB Trinket Control: Good.

UB Control: Good.

UB Ninja Teachings: Good.

UG Stormpost: Good.

UG Temporal Fissure Storm: Good.

WW: Not good.

I would very much like to take part of your testing and see how this deck is doing.

There is a somewhat dated thread on Pauper Land Destruction in the forums here:

I think that the time for Land Destruction is now, if there ever is such a time. I have to admit, though, that perhaps there never is nor never will be such a time. Land Destruction has never really worked in Magic.

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