Pauper Brew: Illusory Tricks

Inspired by Jason Moore’s “tricks” deck and David’s Thoughcast post on MTGOStrat, Bava combined some ideas and created this Illusory Tricks deck.

Jason’s post on Blackborder:

David’s post on MTGOStrat:¬†

And a decklist:
[d title=”Illusory Tricks”]
19 Island

2 Dispel
2 Mizzium Skin
2 Mutagenic Growth
3 Piracy Charm
4 Vapor Snag
4 Ponder

4 Phantasmal Bear
4 Krovikan Mist
4 Dream Stalker
4 Stormbound Geist
4 Delver of Secrets
4 Cloudfin Raptor

3 Boomerang
3 Coral Net
3 Curfew
2 Dispel
1 Faerie Macabre
3 Hydroblast

Bava played two matches with the deck:

This is the deck intro and part of a match against Familiar Storm (they leave halfway through G1).

This is a full match against Affinity.