Top Ten Obnoxious Creatures

Hey guys, Peyton here with another Top Ten list. This time, it’s the most annoying creatures to play against for a variety of formats. This short article will be the same as the last; it is just a small text version of the reasoning behind these choices. Make sure to watch the video for full details! As before, this is obviously not a complete list and doesn’t cover each format in entirety, so I want to know which creatures you guys hate the most in any format! Leave a comment here, or on the YouTube video itself. Let’s begin…

Honorable Mentions

[c]Laboratory Maniac[/c] – Only annoying in Breakfast decks since he is the win condition. Other than that, nobody really uses this guy, so not worth a full hate rant.

[c]Ith, High Arcanist[/c] – In all honesty, Ith sucks. His cmc is way too high, and he’s not a groundbreaking creature. Nobody plays this card because Maze of Ith is far better.

[c]Phage the Untouchable[/c] – Phage is a scary creature to play against if you have no removal. That being said, Phage is not a mainstream card, and shouldn’t be a threat anyways to many decks if they have countermagic or removal of any kind. (Hint: Oblivion Ring Phage, then kill your own ring to win the game :))

10. [c]Sin Collector[/c] (Standard) – This card is a staple in many Esper control lists in standard right now. It deals with an annoying surprise lying in wait, then pokes the opponent to death with that magical stick thing. In a control mirror, whomever can resolve the most Sin Collectors pretty much wins.

9. [c]Nimble Mongoose[/c] (Legacy) – Nimble Mongoose is a big part of RUG and BUG Delver lists in legacy. In the latter half of the game, it is usually a 3/3 Shroud for only G. It can’t be targeted, and is very solid in creature combat. A Liliana of the Veil or a creature holding a sword can usually best this guy, but he’s obnoxious nonetheless.

8. [c]Snapcaster Mage[/c] (Modern/Legacy) – Snappy Griller, as I call him, is a known quantity in many decks in Legacy and Modern. A toolbox-on-a-stick that can allow a player to utilize the Cryptic Command, Lightning Bolt, and Path to Exile in their graveyard is powerful, but also annoying because of his versatility.

7. [c]Delver of Secrets[/c]/Insectile Aberration (Pauper/Legacy) – Delver is a crazy card. a 3/2 flyer for 1 mana? Jeez! There are decks in both Pauper and Legacy named after this guy. Sure, he dies to Shock, but that constant evasive poking if you don’t have an answer is very obnoxious. Some people rejoiced when he cycled out of standard, others cried because they were going to stop winning so easily.

6. [c]Voice of Resurgence[/c] (Standard/Legacy) – Voice is nice. It makes counterspells come with a price, and it replaces itself when it kicks the bucket. It was once a $50 card that was a staple in standard. All of these factors contribute to how annoying it is… Decks like Maverick run a copy or two in addition to the standard decks using it.

5. [c]Norin the Wary[/c] (EDH) – Norin is the only EDH general to be featured here. While some may argue that Zur the Enchanter decks are more annoying, I think that Norin is more so in many instances. For starters, Norin is a pain in the ass to get rid of, since he blinks every time a spell is cast or a creatures attacks, but he can be taken out by creature effects and the like. Norin decks also tend to have lots of annoying interactions that prevent the opponent from being productive while giving the Norin player lots of advantages. Norin decks also have a tendency to just durdle around until the win practically out of nowhere, no matter what the board position may be. No matter what, don’t let the Norin player resolve a Purphoros, God of the Forge, Genesis Chamber, Warstorm Surge, Confusion in the Ranks… The list goes on.

4. [c]Lodestone Golem[/c] (Vintage) – The only vintage card on this list, Lodestone Golem is what makes MUD a tier deck in Vintage. He can be played turn 1 in MUD, and really messes with the opponent’s strategy without changing the MUD player’s curve at all. That 5 power attacking on turn 2 is significant, and the Tinker player gets very unhappy when this dude comes into play.

3. [c]Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker[/c] (Modern) – Good old Kiki-Jiki is one of the founding members of the Splinter Twin and Kiki-Pod combo decks. They are both very good, widely known decks, because they can be some of the most annoying decks to play against out there. Kiki her(him?)self is also a pain to deal with because her haste means she can do her business in response to a kill spell, so she must be countered if the opponent has a Pestermite so that you don’t end up murdered by a bunch of 2/1′s.

2. [c]Young Pyromancer[/c] (Almost every format in which he is legal) – This little guy has made himself known universally since he was printed. He has found his place in Delver decks in legacy, in all kinds of standard decks, modern, silverblack… You have probably played against him, and know how annoying that ability is. Every single instant/sorcery is converted into small creatures that rapidly swarm the board and take over. Without an answer to him, he goes crazy and just wins the game. Even if he gets killed, all of his progeny remain to poke at your life total until you die.

1. Once again, watch the video to find out what the #1 MOST ANNOYING creature is! This card became a legacy staple overnight, and was printed very recently… That’s all :)

Thank you guys for reading and watching!

Any top ten suggestions? Comment below!