Announcing the First Community Participation League

Hello ladies and gentlenerds! Its announcement time on

We at are proud to announce the first ever Community Participation League! We want to play, and we want to play with all of you, as it’s great to get out there and meet everyone on the new site. With Leagues coming back sometime in the future maybe? We all thought it would be fun to run our own, and show Wizards how it’s done.

What does that mean for all of you out there in happy Magic dream land? So many wonderful things. A chance to meet the writers and video makers from the site on the field of battle. Many epic matches that are going to end up captured as they happen and forever framed on the Tubes of You.

Why a League you may ask?

You seem bright, and it’s a reasonable question, so don’t feel bad.

We at are an international community. Leagues have an inherent amount of freedom involved. Get your matches in, and you are done for a week. Leagues also give you the chance to play against a larger pool of competitors. Most involve a round robin style of play, playing most of your opponents at least twice. Also Leagues are just damn fun!

How is this all going to work?

Another great question, you must have studied hard in school.

First off I, Sam Olliso (akaVaultboyhunter), am going to be your Dungeon Master, and there will be no saving rolls!

The format for the League is going to be:


Yes, it’s back, the PRE format so nice they named it once, Modern Silver Black! The Format that is made up of just commons and uncommons!

Why Silver Black?

I knew you would ask that. Clever girl.

First off it is an awesome format. It’s like Pauper on steroids; it’s a format that smokes meth and rides a dinosaur. So many decks. So many powerful cards. So much good stuff you can do.

Second off it is super budgety. The most expensive cards in the format on average are [c]Path to Exile[/c], [c]Aether Vial[/c], [c]Kitchen Finks[/c], and [c]Eternal Witness[/c]. After those you really get into a nice airy format full of cheap thrills, and high amounts of competition.

Third off you can play aggro, combo, control, or anything, really. Any archetype you love to play is here for you in Silver Black town. Just build it, and have fun!

Why Modern?

So many great questions, I think I may be falling in love with you.

Modern is great. It has its issues, but is super malleable for formats like Silver Black. The commons are strong, but not broken like in Pauper, and the uncommons are great and provide a great amount of answers.

There is a ban list. It’s basically the same as the Modern ban list but with a twist. The following cards are banned (cards in bold are not on the normal Modern banned list):

  • [c]Ancient Den[/c]
  • [c]Bloodbraid Elf[/c]
  • [c]Cloudpost[/c]
  • [c]Dread Return[/c]
  • [c]Expedition Map[/c]
  • [c]Great Furnace[/c]
  • [c]Intangible Virtue[/c]
  • [c]Mental Misstep[/c]
  • [c]Preordain[/c]
  • [c]Ponder[/c]
  • [c]Punishing Fire[/c]
  • [c]Rite of Flame[/c]
  • [c]Seat of the Synod[/c]
  • [c]Seething Song[/c]
  • [c]Sensei’s Divining Top[/c]
  • [c]Skullclamp[/c]
  • [c]Sword of the Meek[/c]
  • [c]Tree of Tales[/c]
  • [c]Vault of Whispers[/c]

Timeshifted cards, the ones with the funny little purple rarity, not legal, unless you are talking about Dragon Whelp. Play all of those you want. Please. Make your own dragonwhelp.dek.

Why Map? Why Virtue?

Map adds a little too much consistency to Tron, and Tron can get out of control without a few checks in play. I know. I love my little Tron lands so much I have a foil set of them.

Virtue is really guilty by association. Lingering Souls. Four 1/1 fliers for five mana. When you start pumping those tokens, and giving them vigilance you make games hard to lose. Midnight Haunting and Spectral Procession are also legal in the format. Just one of each card plus two Virtues is a nightmare of Godzilla-like proportions.

The rest of the ban list is simply just the commons and uncommons from the Modern Ban list. Unchain Bloodbraid Elf,  WotC. Free It now!

How do I sign up?

Click over to our Events page to read all the rules (there are less than a zillion, I promise) and sign-up. All event updates will appear over there, too!

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Sam Olliso

Sam Olliso (vaultboyhunter) started playing magic between Ice Age and 4th Edition, when he was in high school in the 1990s The first Rare he ever ripped was Force of Nature. His favorite card is Counterspell, favorite land Island. He has an amazing wife, a beautiful little baby boy. He enjoys PRE events, is a casual player with Spikey tendencies, and long walks on the beach. Add him on MTGO and message him for an add buddy if you want. He is mostly friendly with strangers, especially if you have candy.