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Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds!

We are one week away from the start of the Community Participation League, and so far the response has been simply amazing! I am impressed and amazed at everyone being involved, and happy about the questions about the format. Everyone wants a little part of the SilverBlack glory, and that makes me a happy person.

Who wants a list of the Current entrants? How about everyone! (as of 6/21/14)

1. Denofbears
2. Fanofhistory
3. Thelonesun
4. Slvr6
5. Modin
6. Aranarth
7. Negator
8. Bocco123
9. Bava
10. Bullet244
11. Carnuz
12. Natatal
13. Magicgatherinstrat2
14. Vaultboyhunter
15. Prehemencie
16. Cyrulean
17. Casanova
18. Lordlogan
19. Pmd
20. Deluxeicoff
21. Dysond
22. Leozoeckler
23. Landonpeanut
24. Tangents
25. Bamboorush
26. Rainmakerluke
27. Greeyfoe
28. Sirpoptart15
29. Tikigodbob
30. Magicalhobo
31. jamespwright
32. Rafl

First off you guys picked amazing MTGO names. My personal favorite so far is Landonpeanut. Second I have a list of names and emails for each of you. I am not sharing that info on this post, but I will share it with competitors in the course of the league so that you can get in touch with your opponents.

And if you want to get in touch with me, go ahead and shoot me an email at [email protected]

I’m happy to see some SilverBlack buddies, the writers from the site, and a bunch of new faces on the list! I suggest adding all the usernames you don’t have already from the list to your buddies!

Rules reminders!

I’ve had a few great questions in my email box about cards, and legality.

One of the big ones is about Timeshifted cards. You know those crazy purple rarity cards that Wizards included into Timespiral. The only one of those you can play is [c]Dragon Whelp[/c]. Wizards considers the Purple Rarity as being a “Special” rarity, a lot like the Power 9 has got for Vintage Masters. [c]Dragon Whelp[/c] has been the only one of those to get a printing in M10, so is the only legal one for SilverBlack. I want to play [c]Gemstone Mine[/c] as much as the next guy. Wizards just needs to include it into M15 for us.

Keeping it Simple if it’s Purple Don’t Play it!

The second question I am getting quite often is when are the League matches scheduled. That’s the cool part about a league. The schedule is entirely up to you and your opponent. As long as you play your match each week, at whatever time you work out, you are golden. I’m not scheduling matches, you are. That gives you the freedom to do the thing when it works out best for you.

Last question goes back to ban list, and what’s on it.

The following cards are banned (bolded cards are not on the normal modern banned list):

– [c]Ancient Den[/c]
– [c]Bloodbraid Elf[/c]
– [c]Cloudpost[/c]
– [c]Dread Return[/c]
– [c]Expedition Map[/c]
– [c]Great Furnace[/c]
– [c]Intangible Virtue[/c]
– [c]Mental Misstep[/c]
– [c]Preordain[/c]
– [c]Ponder[/c]
– [c]Punishing Fire[/c]
– [c]Rite of Flame[/c]
– [c]Seat of the Synod[/c]
– [c]Seething Song[/c]
– [c]Sensei’s Divining Top[/c]
– [c]Skullclamp[/c]
– [c]Sword of the Meek[/c]
– [c]Tree of Tales[/c]
– [c]Vault of Whispers[/c]

Map and Virtue are a special ban to help keep Tron and Tokens from taking over the Meta Game.

Short article this week for the League as I don’t have much more to cover until we roll next week. I’m going to include the videos of me and Dan testing, or as I like to call it a complete slaughter of epic proportions. Which just adds to the saying, “Don’t play a collectable card game against a Swedish person.” If that wasn’t a saying before, I’m making it one now. Carve it onto my tombstone.

Dan’s side vs my RDW

Dan’s Tron Vs Tron

My RDW Vs Dan’s Tron

My Tron Vs Dan’s Tron

My Wormy Dredge Vs Payton’s Grey Rock

Remember, sign-up for the League ends on 6/29/14! Tell your friends! I would love to keep growing the League, more people means more matches means more epic battles.

You guys are all super heroes, I would target you all with Cake and give you +1/+1 counters, but I don’t have any removal after so that’s not a good line of play!

Sam aka Vaultboyhunter

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