The Pauper Gauntlet: Season One Recap

Forty-seven decks entered the first Pauper Gauntlet: an endurance match between Pauper decks where I tried to play each deck for as many matches as possible without losing. The two favorites at the time the Gauntlet started were Delver and Mono Blue Stormpost (Temporal Fissure).


There was a very rough first day. Read more about it here.

Soon afterwards I did Tier One day on Twitch. There were complications. These were the decks judged to be Tier One.

When the dust had settled, I was exhausted and the phenomenon of “sniping” was a word. Delver and Mono Blue Stormpost, among others, lay dead. The favorites had been eliminated in round 1. This won’t be able to happen in Season 2.

Thirty-five decks remained.


After having so many eliminations in round 1, I decided to play round 2 in the Just For Fun room. That did not really work out; opposition was quite uneven, causing some more good decks to lose while some questionable decks just cruised by. The JFF room will be handled quite differently this year.

After this round there was a vote-back; you guys got to decide which deck would be allowed to come back. Icy Hot Hottie, jphsnake’s smoking hot, ice cold, Elemental deck, made it back into the competition.

Nineteen decks remained.


Five decks died in round 3; Allies, Hexproof, RG Tempo, White Weenie, and Simic Storm.

After this round, Temporal Fissure was banned and Simic Stormpost died because of the ban.

Also, the remaining ten decks were auto-included in Season Two and will be played again.


This was a very victorious round, losing only DelverFiend.


In this round, Goblins and UB Trinket Control were eliminated.


The ratings of the decks to this point. I had two practice rounds before playing this round and I also rated the seven remaining decks in the order I thought it likely that they would win the Pauper Gauntlet:

  1. Stompy
  2. MUC
  3. Love Train
  4. BorosKitty
  5. Illusory Tricks
  6. Icy Hot Hottie
  7. Five Color Green

Turns out, I was wrong.

MUC and Stompy died first. The People cried when Icy Hot Hottie stumbled and got crushed.

Love Train, Illusory Tricks, BorosKitty, and Five Color Green moved on to the seventh round.

BorosKitty could make an argument for being a tier two deck but overall these were all rogue decks.

BorosKitty: Purr!! Brewed by TurboKitty3000. Competition owner: Tom the Scud. Deck list.

Five-color Green: Brewed by Shyft4. Competition owner: Smashing. Deck list.

Illusory Tricks: Bava’s tempo deck. Competition owner: Greystone. Deck list

Love Train: There is love in the air. With love, anything can be accomplished. This is a Freed from the Real combo deck with extra love added. Brewer: jphsnake. Competition owner: Feyocan731 Deck list

In a million years, I don’t think anybody could have predicted this field of four as the top 4.


1st place: BorosKitty
2nd place: Illusory Tricks
3rd place: Five Color Green, Love Train
5th place: MUC, Stompy, Icy Hot Hottie
8th place: Goblins, UB Trinket Control
10th place: DelverFiend
11th place: Simic Stormpost
12th place: Allies, Hexproof, RG Tempo, White Weenie and Simic Storm


Learn more about Season Two in this video. It starts on August 31st 2014.

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