The Standard Pauper Show, Issue 2

I know what you are thinking, “Hey, where my video at!?” Rest assured I will have one for you this weekend. This next video will feature the commons we missed during our last spoiler show.

Section 1: How will tokens play out in Standard Pauper?

Common is a strange place for token generation. Wizards has to balance out the power of instant/sorcery spells with creatures.

Traditionally, elves and goblins have been at the forefront of token generation with saprolings rounding out the token pack.

What I am interested in right now is what place can and should tokens take up in the standard pauper arsenal.

Lets look at 2 examples of powerful token spells

Classic Pauper

Battle Screech

This card is awesome. Four mana (2WW) for 4 flying 1/1 birds. All it requires is another white creature to flashback.

Now lets compare that to a killer card from Innistrad

Lingering Souls

Such greatness in a single card. Another 4 fliers for 3BW. The reason this is more powerful is that it only requires mana to get the flashback cost paid for and the initial cost is one W less.

These cards bring me to the next example.

Triplicate Spirits

This image is a mock up from It may not be exact but its pretty close.

So what does this show us?

First, we are getting 3 1/1 fliers for 6 mana. Not as good as either of the above. However, it has convoke. This means there is a chance to get this out for free.

What I am asking you, gentlenerds, is whether this card is worth a slot in the white weenie deck?

The next block is going to be either tribal or color tribal. There is overwhelming evidence to that so I am going with it.

I have also compiled a list of all the token generating cards at common.

Now, this list does not contain any card that requires something to happen in order for the tokens to generate. For example, I did not include [c]Beckon Apparition[/c]. Why? Because you need something in the graveyard for the spirit to appear. I realize it is a minor detail but I needed to set a standard. Lets look at the entire list:

Name # Tokens Token combined Evasion? CMC Type Notes
[c]Lab Rats[/c] 1 1/1 Rat 1/1 no 1 Sorcery B for 1 Rat, with buyback for 4
[c]Spiritual Visit[/c] 1 1/1 Spirit 1/1 no 1 Instant W for 1 Spirit (no flying)
[c]Sprout[/c] 1 1/1 Saproling 1/1 no 1 Instant G for 1 Saproling
[c]Vitality Charm[/c] 1 1/1 Insect 1/1 no 1 Instant G for 1 Insect
[c]Dragon Fodder[/c] 2 1/1 Goblin 2/2 no 2 Sorcery 1R for 2 Goblins
[c]Gather the Townsfolk[/c] 2(5) 1/1 Human 2/2 or 5/5 no 2 Sorcery 1W for 2 Humans or 5 if at low life
[c]Krenko’s Command[/c] 2 1/1 Goblin 2/2 no 2 Sorcery 1R for 2 Goblins
[c]Raise the Alarm[/c] 2 1/1 Soldier 2/2 no 2 Instant 1W for 2 Soldier
[c]Sprout Swarm[/c] 1 1/1 Saproling 1/1 no 2 Instant 1G for 1 Sproling (buyback and convoke)
[c]Chatter of the Squirrel[/c] 2 1/1 Squirrel 2/2 no 3 Sorcery G for 1 Squirrel, then flashback for 1G
[c]Gilt-Leaf Ambush[/c] 2 1/1 Elf 2/2 no 3 Instant 2G for 2 Elf possibly with Deathtouch
[c]Hive Stirrings[/c] 2 1/1 Sliver 2/2 no 3 Sorcery 2W for 2 slivers
[c]Master’s Call[/c] 2 1/1 Myr 2/2 no 3 Instant 2W for 2 Myr
[c]Sound the Call[/c] 1 1/1 Wolf 2/2 no 3 Sorcery 2G for 1 wolf, gets bigger the more you cast the spell
[c]Battle Screech[/c] 4 1/1 Bird 4/4 Yes 4 Sorcery 2WW for 2, then flashback tap three white
[c]Captain’s Call[/c] 3 1/1 Soldier 3/3 no 4 Sorcery 3W for 3 soldiers at Sorcery speed
[c]Cenn’s Enlistment[/c] 2 1/1 Soldier 2/2 no 4 Sorcery 3W for 2 soldiers at Sorcery speed, Retrace
[c]Empty the Warrens[/c] 2 1/1 Goblin 2/2 no 4 Sorcery 3R for 2 Goblins, Storm
[c]Eyes in the Skies[/c] 2 1/1 Bird 2/2 Yes 4 Instant 3W for 2 Birds, populate
[c]Feast or Famine[/c] 1 2/2 Zombie 2/2 no 4 Instant 3B for 1 Zombie
[c]Join the Ranks[/c] 2 1/1 Ally Soldier 2/2 no 4 Instant 3W for 2 Ally Soldiers
[c]Flurry of Horns[/c] 2 2/3 Minotaur 4/6 no 5 Sorcery 4R for 2 Minotaurs with haste
[c]Knight Watch[/c] 2 2/2 Knight 4/4 no 5 Sorcery 4W for 2 Knights
[c]Scatter the Seeds[/c] 3 1/1 Saproling 3/3 no 5 Instant 3GG for 3 Saprolings, with Convoke
[c]Acorn Harvest[/c] 4 1/1 Squirrel 4/4 no 6 Sorcery 3G for 2, then flashback for 1G 3 life
[c]Coursers’ Accord[/c] 2 3/3 Centaur 6/6 no 6 Sorcery 4GW for 2 Centaurs
[c]Rise of Eagles[/c] 2 2/2 Bird 4/4 Yes 6 Sorcery 4UU for for 2 Birds and scry 1
[c]Horncaller’s Chant[/c] 2 4/4 Rhino 8/8 no 8 Sorcery 7G for 2 Rhinos
[c]Reap the Seagraf[/c] 2 2/2 Zombie 4/4 no 8 Sorcery 2B for 1 Zombie then 4U for flashback
[c]Elephant Ambush[/c] 2 3/3 Elephant 6/6 no 12 Instant 2GG for 1 Elephant, the 6GG for another

I sorted by CMC as that is a decent way of begining our research. Seeing the whole list will help frame the conversation.

The thing that surprised me the most is the lack of blue tokens in spell form.

The only ones on this list are [c]Rise of Eagles[/c] and the flashback cost of [c]Reap the Seagraf[/c]. Does anyone else find that odd?

Lets narrow down to fliers:

Name # Tokens Token combined Evasion? CMC Type Notes
[c]Battle Screech[/c] 4 1/1 Bird 4/4 Yes 4 Sorcery 2WW for 2, then flashback tap three white
[c]Eyes in the Skies[/c] 2 1/1 Bird 2/2 Yes 4 Instant 3W for 2 Birds, populate
[c]Rise of Eagles[/c] 2 2/2 Bird 4/4 Yes 6 Sorcery 4UU for for 2 Birds and scry 1

Only 3. Again it shocks me.

I think we need to compare how much power and toughness we are getting in the air and compare that to mana cost.

[c]Battle Screech[/c] gives us 4/4 for four mana. This is a 1:1 ratio. However, there is a big but on this ratio. It requires there to be a 3rd white creature at some point. Otherwise its a 1:2 (p/t over mana)

[c]Eyes in the Skies[/c] gives us 2/2 for four mana. This is a 1:2 ratio, same as above before flash back.

[c]Rise of Eagles[/c], a card I was down on when it previewed, gives us 4/4 for 6. a 2:3 ratio with a scry 1 tacked on.

That gives us an average of .72 p/t for each mana we spend. What should we expect out of [c]Triplicate Spirits[/c]?

Math shows us: .72 * 6 = 4.333 That does not add up to the 3/3 we are getting. So lets cut out the classic card (even though it was just downgraded) and see what we get.

1/2 + 2/3 = 7/12 or 3.5, now that is closer but still not perfect. One other factor to consider is the extra body. 50% more blockers is probably worth the premium in mana.

Now I leave it to you. What do you think? Does it make the cut?

Section 2: This week in Standard Pauper:

Now, lets look at the latest numbers from

MPDC 25.04
23 June 2014
Standard · 29 Players
22 Decks · ~76% Reported
4 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by gwyned

1st Selesnya Aura* by GodZo
2nd Sligh* by rpitcher
T4 Esper* by FlxEx
T4 GW Heroic* by mattmath
T8 Deck not found** by DrDemento
T8 BW Control* by Garlan
T8 UBMill* by Kriss
T8 Deck not found** by m4vis

Section 3: The winning deck!

Lets take a closer look at the winning deck.


Standard · Aggro
1st by GodZo in MPDC 25.04 (7-0)

4 Auramancer
4 Hopeful Eidolon
4 Keening Apparition
4 Leafcrown Dryad
2 Centaur Healer
2 Gladecover Scout
1 Deadly Recluse
3 Akroan Skyguard

4 Ethereal Armor
4 Gods Willing
3 Celestial Flare
3 Pacifism
1 Ranger’s Guile

11 Plains
6 Forest
4 Selesnya Guildgate

3 Concordia Pegasus
3 Razortip Whip
3 Beckon Apparition
2 Seller of Songbirds
2 Deadly Recluse
1 Celestial Flare
1 Pacifism

Godzo, I heart you! I heart you big time! Selesnya is my jam and this is all up in my jam. This deck does exactly what the GW folks do best.

Lets look at a sample opening hand:

I had to mulligan a no land hand. It was bound to happen one day. But I feel confident we can keep on 6.

Now lets look at the next six cards:

I feel we were rewarded for our keep.

You do not have much protection for your Skyguard though. You need to play it safe but I think we can still pull through with the five mana we have coming our way.

Also, we have started our own league, run by VaultBoyHunter himself!

Please check it out:

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