Community Participation League, Week 4

Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds!

Week Three is in the Book Bag! Thank you guys for getting things done. The format is wide open in ways I have never seen it before. To be honest you guys are bringing decks that I am having a hard time comprehending, and an even harder time beating. A format, to me, is only as good as the decks and players that play it so you guys are amazing!

M15 is coming online, and Wizards is going to pay us to draft it, and I know this set has been talked about in pretty much every which way. I thought I would do a quick and fast run down on the few cards I could see coming into their own in the Modern Silverblack format.


[c]Ephemeral Shields[/c] Free spells are always good. Always, always good. Indestructible is good. White likes combat tricks in White Weenie, and Heroic. This could be a card that sees some play.

[c]Heliod’s Pilgrim[/c] Hexproof loves this card. The Pilgrim lets the deck run less copies of situational enchantments which will only make the deck stronger over all. Plus the 1/2 body isn’t bad to block with or Rancor up if you need to.

[c]Paragon of New Dawns[/c] This one of the Paragon cycle is posed to have the largest impact of the five of them. Just the ability to pump a bunch of tokens is great. There are the other lords in the format, but the Paragon is the only one that pumps only your creatures, and not just spirits.

[c]Warden of the Beyond[/c] Its an interesting effect in a format that you can set it up with a turn 3 Path to Exile or something like that effect. 4/4 for 3 seems good, and the set up is pretty easy in a White Weenie deck.


[c]Diffusion Sliver[/c] I know most of the time Silver decks skip Blue, as the Blue Slivers are tricky, and often quite bad, but this guy turn all Slivers in play into Slivery Frost Titans. I know I love that.

[c]Ensoul Artifact[/c] Everyone knows the play. Darksteel something into this on turn two equals a messy situation for your opponent. Expect this to be tried by only the bravest amongst us.

[c]Quickling[/c] Being such a large fan of Boros Kitty and the bouncy grindy effects with in. I like the ability to instant speed protect your creature, and I love the 2/2 flying for 2. This doesn’t seem like a drawback at all.


[c]Nightfire Giant[/c] Yeah, 5 mana to shock is a lot. 5/4 in a Rakdos deck seems right for 5 mana. I think this looks like a strong card.

[c]Ulcerate[/c] Maybe not the strongest effect like this in the format, but its going to do the job for you more often than not. Again I see a card that will be tested with.

[c]Xathrid Slyblade[/c] Black Hexproof and a pretty good midgame ability. I like it even if its just a hard to kill black creature most of the time.


[c]Altac Bloodseeker[/c] In a strong aggro deck this could be strong. The ability to become a 4/1 first strike is really good. Its on curve, and can gain haste so that’s good.

[c]Belligerent Sliver[/c] This seems like a Sliver that could be slotted into existing Sliver builds. Don’t think that ability isn’t impressive, its like the red version of flying.

[c]Borderland Marauder[/c] Another impressive on color Red Creature. Just get in there and do your job.

[c]Brood Keeper[/c] With all the cool and pretty good auras in Theros Block, and the older strong auras in Modern already I can see this becoming a build around card in the format. A freeish 2/2 Flying, and building up the Brood Keeper itself seems really strong.

[c]Generator Servant[/c] I love this little dude. I don’t know what I can say about him that hasn’t already been said. Dreams of Ramping out a hasty Artisan of Koezlik is my goal.


[c]Feral Incarnation[/c] This costs 9 mana. I can really only see it going into a big mana deck like Tron or a Swarm deck. 3 3/3s for 9 mana off of one spell seems good.

[c]Reclamation Sage[/c] Yes. Maybe my favorite card in the set for utility. I love the 3cc dude that has a great effect on the board when it comes in. Just a solid card.

And that’s it. M14 really only had one card that came into the format in any real way [c]Young Pyromancer[/c]. The fact that I can see this many cards possible that may get tested and played with is a real Kudos to Wizards for righting the course on how dull M14 was.

League Week 3

First off a bit of bad news, trompinha is suffering from some harsh PC issues, and has dropped from the League. I hope you can come back for the next one, good sir!

This also leaves us with 43 people, and I hate odd numbers. If you guys know someone that would like to step in and make us even again let them know about us. Have them send me an email and I will set them up.

Second is Dan and Matti have been keeping track of the league on the old Paupertothepeople board, and if you guys want to check it out that would be super.

Third is a question that was brought to me about why I am tracking Game wins, not just Match wins. The reason is two-fold. I pretty much track all my magic by my game wins. That makes the most sense to me. I like to see how many times I win game one, lose game two, win game three, or any combination of them. It helps me know if I need to make changes to my sideboard and main deck. The second is if anything comes down to tie breaks for the top 8 or anything the game win record will help. But to clarify winning the Match, getting the 5 Points is king. 5 for winning 2 for losing, 1 for a draw. So I am tracking Match wins for ranking, and Game Wins for tiebreaks and my own nerdyness.

Last up is a few of our league buddies have went radio silent on me. I got a few responses back from my reminder email I sent on Sunday, but not as many as I would like. I’ll make a call next week about removing some more inactive players if needs be. Just let me know if things have come up guys and if you can’t play, I will Pair your opponents with other people as I can.

This week I am going to change up the way I am doing the Pairings. If I keep pairing along Wins and Losses I am never going to get to play most of you, having not won a match yet! So I am going back to random! No rematches is the key, but I want to mix it up, Ill probably do that every third week to make sure everyone gets the best shot at playing the largest amount of people.

Week Three Standings






No silver Bullet

Week 4 Matchups

Avery61 vs Vaultboyhunter
Aranarth vs Thelonesun
Bamboorush vs Thejerkwidasmirk
Carnuz vs Shiftingshadows
Casanova vs Rreemedio1
Denofbears vs Negator
Drinkard vs Magicgatheringstrat2
Greedyfoe vs Litofeit
Jamespwright vs Magicalhobo
Leozoeckler vs fanofhistory
Mlord vs Deluxicoff
Rahrahrah vs Darkpaladan3
Sirpoptart vs Cyrulean
Slvr6 vs Bocco123
Tangents vs Bava
Skjall vs Clozeone
Landonpeanut vs yugular
Modin vs Tikigodbob
Somewhatdyslexic vs Basedx
Jimmygato vs No Silver Bullet
PMD vs Rainmakerluke
Rafl Bye.

There you guys go!

Week Four matches for you guys to do! Play like you mean it! Email early and often and get things done. If you know you can’t play this week please let me know so I can start a list for new Pairings! Thank you so much you guys for doing great.

I didn’t get any videos of my own uploaded this week, my Wifi was junky all week, and I just got it so I could upload. I’m also still looking for deck submissions if you guys want to spoil your super secret techs! Good videos up on the Youtube channel from Dan and Brennon this week, feel free to check them out.

That’s it for this week guys, and may your [c]Invasive Species[/c] never fight with your [c]Kor Skyfisher[/c] over who’s better. The Skyfisher is better that’s who.

Sam AKA Vaultboyhunter

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