Pauper Gauntlet Competitor #13: Stompy

The first ten Pauper Gauntlet competitors will be presented on They will play the first two rounds in the order they are given by their numbers, so Stompy will be the 13th deck played.

Some other competitors

#1 Illusory Tricks:

#2 Love Train:

Deck #3: Exhume Control

Deck #4: Izzet Control.

Stompy was one of the top 10 decks last year and is thus automatically qualified for the second season of the Pauper Gauntlet.

I was thinking hard about which list to use but eventually decided to go with Chris Weaver’s list as published this year before he quit Magic Online. I still miss him as an online buddy and video maker and feels that this is a way to honor his contribution to MagicGatheringStrat – oh, that, and the fact that it is a very strong list.

I will need help with the sideboard plan. See the end of the article.

Here is Chris’s Deck Tech Video for the list. It explains the basic strategy of the deck.

This is the deck list:

[d title=”Stompy by cweaver”]
17 Forest


4 Quirion Ranger
4 Nettle Sentinel
4 Young Wolf
4 Skarrgan Pit-Skulk
4 Garruk’s Companion
2 Shinen of Life’s Roar
3 Wild Mongrel

4 Rancor
4 Vines of Vastwood
4 Groundswell
3 Gather Courage
3 Hunger of the Howlpack

3 Nourish
1 Bonesplitter
3 Gleeful Sabotage
1 Viridian Longbow
4 Scattershot Archer
3 Spore Frog


The Sideboard Plan

This is a work in progress. I have two old sideboard plans for other lists to work from, but I am going to need your help as well.

Let me know if any common deck is missing from this list.

Affinity: +1 Bonesplitter, +3 Gleeful, -1 Skarrgan, -3 Groundswell (Mamurphy, one old Stompy legend, felt that it was correct to take out one Skarrgan here)

Affinity is always close, if they come out strong AND have the shaman, it’s pretty hard to win, but it’s also hard for them to recover many times as they have to sac SO many so early. Just need to not overextend, which isn’t a problem with stompy, as the instants make the attack, not the volume as seen in goblins. Shinen and ranger make them have to trigger the shaman/disciples asap. Usually a skargaan or ledgewalker takes the game for me. You swing for 8, they do, repeat, and fog. Even if they ‘play around’ fog, you still get the fog benefit of buying you time for your unblockables to go to the dome.

Generally, playing against a competent Affinity player is a nightmare, even though the Perilous Affinity lists are a little bit easier to win against.

Banishing Knack Combo:

BorosKitty: +3 Gleeful

Burn: +3 Nourish

Delver: +4 Scattershot, +1 Bonesplitter, +1 Viridian Longbow, -3 Hunger, -3 Groundswell

DELVERFIEND: +3 Spore Frog, -3 Hunger


Elves: +1 Longbow, -1 Groundswell. This is extremely hard.


Freed from the real combo/Love Train:

Goblins: +3 Spore Frog, -3 Vines of Vastwood

Grey Ghost/Extort:

GW Tokens:

Hexproof: I am sorry, you are just dead. This is the #1 matchup Hexproof wants to face.
Deluxeicoff in early 2013: It is simply unwinnable vs. hexchant – I’ve lost 3 games in 100…all of those have been to really bad draws, and my opponents having a great hand.

Icy Hot Hottie:

Illusory Tricks:

Infect: +3 Spore Frog, -1 Gather Courage, -1 Hunger, -1 Groundswell

Izzet Control: Nothing is sideboarded in this matchup.

Keep Watch:

MBC : Nothing is sideboarded in this matchup.

MUC: Not sure what to do here.


Random aggro lek: No sideboard.

Random control (UW Blink etc):

RG Aggro: No sideboard.

Slivers: No sideboard.

Songs of the Damned:

Stompy/Green One: My traditional jeffdmk list just never sideboarded in the mirror, but I am not sure how to handle this list.

Tron: Here I need a lot of help.

Tortured Existence :

Turbo Fog:

UB control/Teachings:

UB Ninja Teachings:

Unearth/Woo Zombies:

White Weenie: +4 Scattershot if many fliers, -4 Groundswell. +3 Gleeful if many artifacts, -3 Groundswell/Hunger


Final note

You can not write an article about Stompy without mentioning the best piece ever written on the deck. Read this before you try to play the deck:

I wish you wrote more articles, Deluxeicoff! :)

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