Section 1: Tales from the Road

This week’s issue is short. I am on vacation but wanted to check in with you all on how things are shaping up post-M15.

Worlds is happening over at so it is hard to gauge the prevalence of M15 in the current meta. Last weekend I played a lot of prerelease and found a few cards very useful. This brings us to our main topic.

Section 2: Strong Cards are Strong

Triplicate Spirits

We may as well start off with the heavy hitter. This card in multiples plus any kind of anthem effect is ridiculously strong. In one of my events I had two and I used the Sanctified Charge to blow out the opposition. I know, a five mana combat trick is a lot to ask for. However, the upside is tremendous.

Frost Lynx

This card does work. I had hoped it was a baby Frost Titan and it held its own each time I used it. Once your beat down plan is in place, the lynx is worth its weight in cardboard. Using it defensively is equally as devastating. Disrupting a voltron beatdown plan is very effective in maintaining your own life total while giving you the opening you need to strike.

Borderland Marauder

At two mana, you will be hard pressed to find a better common red card on Standard. Though it isn’t a bolt or spear, it can cause a lot of havoc early. I cannot foresee a Standard Pauper future where this card isn’t in red decks.

Heliod’s Pilgrim

This worked great with rare enchants. I feel there has to be a place with effective common enchants as well.


In a world of weenie attacks, this card is a mini Damnation. I used it several times post-combat to finish off the opponents defenses. I really enjoy turning blocks into trades.

Section 3: Clean up

I am on vacation this week but wanted to bring you some if my thoughts from the road. I will be back online this weekend. Next week Sam and I plan to do another YouTube show with our brews for the upcoming season.

Now, leave some comments and tell me what you saw at your prerelease events.

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