The Standard Pauper Show, Issue 4

Section 1: Lots more previews!

Sam and I did the full M15 set review for Standard Pauper. I spliced together the review sections of the last three shows and put them into one long video.

I hope you enjoy it:

Section 2: This week in review

I am including a remix of the Standard Pauper Show 12. The one I posted earlier this week had a lot of sound problems and I tried to correct them. If you watched the full review, feel free to skip the review section at the end.

Section 3: Mini-Metalcraft

I spent a lot of time this week on the two previous videos. Most of what I would usually type out is in there.

What isn’t covered in any great detail is the subtle new feature Wizards tried to slip in under our noses. I call it Mini-Metalcraft. Here is an example:

Take a moment to see what that gives you. You will have a 5/3 with Trample for the low cost of having an artifact on the battle field. We have one other artifacts matter card in this set at common.

This is not the first time we have seen this type of effect:

So, what we have is a much stronger effect for the same setup cost. And those are just at common. M15 has a nice sub-set, if you will, of artifacts-matter cards.

That doesn’t look like a core set preview, it looks like the start of commander deck! I am really pumped about this set. All be told, I love artifacts. Mirrodin is my jam. If we are in store for another set of artifacts, then I am pumped up.

Does this mean Khans of Tarkir is an artifact set? Seems really close to Scars Blocks to have another artifact set. What I think this means is that a new type of artifact set has been planned. Not just a lot of artifacts, but new types of artifacts. Now look at a card that I totally made up. It is an artifact spell. Crazy I know, but go with me on this crazy trip.

lightning rune

Hate it? Love it? Think I am crazy?

Let me know in the comments.