Community Participation League #2: Launch

Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds!

It’s over, it’s all over. The large lady has hummed her tune, the smoke has cleared, the fires have been extinguished and we have crowned a winner.

Congratulations Sirpoptart, you did the impossible and won the League. You climbed the mountain of competition, leaving destruction in your wake, and that’s amazing.

You get the prizes, you get to pick the format for the second league, you get the glory. Bask in it, sir. Bask.

Okay, enough basking. Get your cards in order, Mr. Tart, because it’s time to start up League #2.

League #2 Format

Formats are important. Everyone has their favorite format, one that really lights their fire. Sirpoptart got to pick the format and he said, “Let the community decide.” You guys definitely had a favorite, and that was Classic Pauper! This was like a 2-0 landslide victory. Other formats never even got to play a land. Just a massive vote turn out for Classic Pauper.

And like lightning down from the heavens, the format swept across the blearily land, bringing joy and revelry to us lowly peasants.

Good old Classic Pauper. The most expensive budget format ever. 10 tix commons. 60 tix decks. All commons all the time!

Here are the official Pauper Deck Construction Rules.

Basically as long as a card has even been printed (online) as a common, you can play it. Minus this ban list:

  • [c]Cloudpost[/c]
  • [c]Cranial Plating[/c]
  • [c]Empty the Warrens[/c]
  • [c]Frantic Search[/c]
  • [c]Grapeshot[/c]
  • [c]Invigorate[/c]
  • [c]Temporal Fissure[/c]

League Two Registration begins now!

Sign up is as simple as can be. First, if you have not registered an account on the site, do that. Make sure to use a valid email address, because some communication about the league will happen via email.

Second, leave a comment in this thread that includes your: preferred name, MTGO username, and time zone. It should look something like this:

“Hey, I am signing up for the league. My name is Sam, my MTGO handle is Vaultboyhunter, and I am in CST (GMT -6).”

It is important that we know which time zone you are in. I didn’t know how important that was last League until like week 4, and by then it was just too late. I need that info for the spreadsheet so even if you played in the first league please let me know. I don’t need to know what your address is, or city or state, just the time zone. So if you live in Sweden you would tell me you are GMT +2 or whatever you are.

The last step is that if you are new to the League this time, be welcome! It’s a fun time, we’re all pretty nice, and we all look forward to playing you.

And that’s it! League #2 in a nutshell!

Registration is OPEN for about 12 days, until September 8 at 9pm CST, so a few days longer then the first league.

Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your parents, your children, and your childhood crush. Let’s get a ton of people involved and playing folks, and let’s share the awesome format that is Classic Pauper!

I was going to do my Wrap-Up for League #1 this week, but with all this good information about League #2 to share I wanted to focus on that. Next Monday I’ll provide an update on how we are doing for registration, and will include a League #1 wrap-up including decklists and my thoughts on how the first league went! In the we do have a spot in the forum to talk about the League and share lists, so check it out!

As for Pauper lists, Bava wrote a great article last week with a metric carp-ton of lists. That’s a lot. We’ve also got a topic set up to discuss League #2, and a whole section devoted to Pauper. Go nuts!

And that’s it everyone, you guys did amazing in the first league and I cannot wait for the second one to start. Pauper is a great format, and I love it. I cannot wait to play you guys soon.

Sam AKA Vaultboyhunter

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Sam Olliso

Sam Olliso (vaultboyhunter) started playing magic between Ice Age and 4th Edition, when he was in high school in the 1990s The first Rare he ever ripped was Force of Nature. His favorite card is Counterspell, favorite land Island. He has an amazing wife, a beautiful little baby boy. He enjoys PRE events, is a casual player with Spikey tendencies, and long walks on the beach. Add him on MTGO and message him for an add buddy if you want. He is mostly friendly with strangers, especially if you have candy.