Community Participation League, Week 7: Mega Update!

Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds,

Welcome to week 7 everyone, lots of amazing info to share with you all tonight. But first an apology for last week. I was sick as a dog, a sick sick dog, till Saturday morning, just the worst I have felt in years, and by that point I knew it was better to focus on this week, and just let last week go as far as doing a write up. Lots of good Magic still went down I see, so I am happy about that. I am feeling much better now, and just in time too.

I have been getting a few questions in my email these last few days about the league.

The first one is when is this crazy thing wrapping up.

The second is what are the standings.

To answer the two questions!

Week 8 is going to be the top 8. I think we have put on an amazing League day and date, but I am actually looking forward to a format shift at this point. I like to keep things fresh, and the fact that most of us haven’t missed a game in 6 weeks is amazing. You all should be proud. I know I am.

The second answer is right here. I did the Points for you. If you guys want the exact break down of your game wins let me know, but I really only used those to determine top 8.

When I sat down I knew that the Great Mr Avery61 was without a doubt going to be our top seeded player going an amazing 10-2, but I didn’t realize that we had 5 other players with 27 points under their belts. Well played you guys, you all picked up an early loss, but kept right on rolling to an almost perfect record.

From there the points ranged from 24 all the way to 7. Thanks Ztrman for coming in near the end to even our numbers out. I hope you hop on early this next league. I love players who always bring their A Game. I think we all did, regardless of points! I know I only felt shut out of one game this whole league. Avery61 I’m looking at you and your evil Scepter deck!

Enough of my rambling!! Standings as per points













So with the point total calculated and a deeper look into the game wins this is our top 8 for the last week.

Top 8
1. Avery61 Points 27 Game Wins 10-2
2. Rahrahrah Points 27 Game Wins 10-3
3. Greedyfoe Points 27 Game Wins 10-4
4. Leozoeckler Points 27 Game Wins 10-4
5. Tangents Points 27 Game Wins 10-4
6. Bamboorush Points 27 Game Wins 10-5
7. Sirpoptart Points 26 Game Wins 10-2-1
8. Casanova Points 24 Game Wins 8-5

Pretty Clear cut all the way down I think! All the people with 27 points, Sirpoptart being the king of the 26 points hill, and then Casanova being the only wonder beast to get the total of 24.

Top 8 week will be next week. So we are going to do a Top 8 league week. I am going to post the Article as normal Monday 8/18 night. It will have the Quarterfinal 4 matches. You all will have till Wednesday 8/20 to play the first round. Then I will pair for the Final 4 which will have to Friday 8/22. Then the Finals will have till Monday the 25th at 8:00pm CST to happen! I thought about doing a one-time only regular tournament for the top 8, and we may try that for the second league, but I think in the spirit of the league, this works the best.

I am cool with each round each player playing different decks, or you can dance with the girl you brought and play the same 75 the whole time. Whatever makes you beautiful butterflies happy!

A follow up point, if you are in the Top 8 and you know you are going to be unable to play 1-3 games during the week of 8/18 to 8/25 just let me know, and I will open up spot 8 to the next ranked player. That way we avoid byes. All my Top 8 guys played every week so I don’t think that’s going to be an issue at all though! But things come up, I know it, You know it.

So what does that mean for all the wonderful people who didn’t Top 8. First off you are all amazing, and you should be clapping at how well you did! Second off! The voting for the format for the second league begins!

That’s right! The winner of league one gets to pick the format, but the community is going to have a voice. If you want a format vote for it in the comments of the Week 8 article. The format with the most votes get added to the list the winner of League One gets to pick from!

The formats that are already picked are
1. Heirloom
2. Pauper
3. Standard Pauper
4. Standard Silverblack
5. ? Community Choice?

You many notice the options are budget formats pretty much, we want everyone to be able to throw a low cost deck together and have fun, and budget is a good way to go. If you guys vote in Modern or Standard we will all still have fun I think but those formats have a more Pay to Play slant then Heirloom or Standard Pauper. But the will of the people rising up as one will speak the loudest of all.

I love going rogue so I’m going to have fun any which way.

I will say if the format is Heirloom we are going to have some extra rules, as that format seems to be a mess from what I can tell. Turn two kills are gross.

So yeah. Good times for everyone, and the prizes oh yes the prizes. Those will be awarded going out of week 8. I have them. You wanted them!

So Voting will go till Monday the 25th at 8:00 pm CST. I am planning on doing a Wednesday article that week, so the Grand Champion of the first League will have those scant 3 days to pick the format. I know they spend hours upon hours worrying over such a heady choice. I know I would. The fate of the many rests in their mighty mighty hands.

I will announce the format that Wednesday the 27th, registration will open right then and last for two weeks till September the 8th. I learned a bunch doing this first league, and want to be more prepared the second one going in. Plus brewers need time to brew, and get cards and all that good stuff!

Any questions! All you crazy guys know how to reach me, and I hope I’ve done a good job helping out as I can!

So week 7 is really just going to be a fun week!! I’ll still record the points and everything so when I send out the spreadsheet to all you cool cats you will have all the info at your little fingertips! But I wanted to give the top 8 a week to get ready, mentally prepare, and tech out their decks! Play your matches, as that’s what we are here to do right, play Magic and chew bubble gum.

And I seem to be completely out of bubble gum!

Week 7 Pairings!!
Aranarth vs Magicgatherinstrat2
Avery61 vs Fanofhistory
Bamboorush vs Vaultboyhunter
Bava vs Deluxeicoff
Bocco123 vs Greedyfoe
Casanova vs Carnuz
Clozeone vs Jamespwright
Cyulean vs negator
Landonpeanut vs Denofbears
Drinkard vs Rremedio1
Rahrahrah vs Shiftingshadows
Mlord vs Litofeit
Sirpoptart vs Ztrman
Tangents vs Thelonesun
Tikigodbob vs Darkpaladan3
Yugular Bye

And that’s it. The free week!!! The calm before the epic storm. It will sweep the land like a tornado full of Flounders and squids. Don’t laugh squids have island walk.

Sorry about the game play light article this week! But focusing on wrapping League One up and getting set for League two is 110% of my brain right now!!

Two weeks ago I brought up my Modern Silverblack Cube, if anyone has any interest in drafting it let me know! I am throwing a link in. Also If anyone wants to build a community cube like Limited Resources has that sounds like fun. Like everyone who wants to play donates 45 cards to it, and we just go from there? I dunno. I just like cube so much.

Here is the link to mine. I am in the process of updating it right now so pardon the mess. The breakdown is in the description. It’s a big boy, a 720, multicolor heavy, and just fun!

If we can get 8 people together we would just draft on, I would temp trade you any cards you draft that you may not have in your collection, and then we would pair up and play. Fun times will be had by all!

And that’s everything this week guys, you are all amazing, and I can’t wait for the Top 8!!!

Sam AKA Vaultboyhunter

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