Community Participation League, Week 8: Top 8

Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds!

It’s time for the Top 8 and I couldn’t be more excited!

Without any nonsense here is the Top 8 Round One pairings.

Avery61 vs Casanova
Rahrahrah vs Sirpoptart
Greedyfoe vs Bamboorush
Leosoeckler vs Tangents

You Top Eighters will have until Wednesday the 20th at 9 pm CST to play Round One. I’ll then post the Round 2 pairings in the comments and you will have until 9pm CST Friday the 22nd to play, then for the Finals you will have until 9pm on Monday the 25th to epically battle!

Next week my article will be on Wednesday the 27th and it will contain the format of the Second Season of the Community League as well as open the registration. And have all sorts of fun new rules and stuff. Rules are just the best. I think you have to love rules to love Magic! Rules make the game! Without rules there is chaos!

Voting for the Second League. Speaking of rules! Voting starts now! Vote once for your favorite format. I’d prefer you vote in the comments of this article, but I know some people have been having issues with the new comment set up. Email me if you need to. I’ll include you as a note in the comments.

When you vote pick your format, you should also pick a format. My pick for the first League was Format Modern Format Silverblack. Two crazy formats doing their thing to produce a fun time for everyone!

Examples, you ask? Examples you get!

Standard Pauper.
Or Silverblack Block Wars.
Or Modern One Buck Challenge.
Or Pauper Tribal.
Or Heirloom Core Sets only.

Wait, don’t pick the last one. Sounds lame.

If you just pick Standard or Modern or Tribal your vote will only be for just that broad format. Which is fine if that’s what you want.

Everyone can vote! But if you vote I hope you also play! Even if it’s a format you aren’t crazy about it’s still going to be fun. Voting will last till 9pm CST on Monday the 25th. I will calculate the votes and email the Grand Champion of League one! They will let me know what they picked by my Wednesday the 27th article so I can let all you amazing people know!

Fun. Amazingly fun. Then the Second League opens for registration that very day, no waiting around, registration then lasts till Monday September 1st at 9pm CST!, a little over two weeks! The League will start a week later on Monday September the 8th. Gives everyone a week to get cards and brew up decks!!!

I will be sending out a completely complete Season One Spreadsheet to everyone in the next few days, so that way everyone can see how they did overall!! Fun fun!

Last thing to wrap up this Top 8 Week article. Keep it short and sweet!


Denofbears, who is in the League, and Hexalite, who didn’t make it in but is a big fan of the Modern Silverblack format, have revived the Silverblack PRE on Denofbears put up a link in the week 7 comments but I wanted to get it out there again. 14 people showed up week one with only 3 days notice. That’s really really good for such a short turn around for a PRE. And they don’t currently even have prize support. The format has legs, ladies and gents, get in on the ground floor!

Here is a link to the Wizards forum page for their new PRE event. Its runs every Saturday night at 7pm EST. So 8pm CST which means I am going to get to play sometimes! I love it!

You register each week through! Check it out, it’s a great site for weekly PRE Events.

That’s it, ladies and gents. Next week’s article is going to be a summation of my experiences of running the first League, so if any of you want your thoughts to be known email me up you know the way to do that! I will include any thing I get, videos If I can get them to work, card reviews, favorite deck lists, you send it, I will use it ya’ll.

Also, now is a great time to share your decklists, and I know just the spot!

I am looking forward to hearing all about the epic battling that will happen amongst you amazing 8 who are bringing it all home.

Have fun! Battle!

And for us not Top 8 folks feel free to shoot each other a game request. I’m happy to get my game on in any fun format you guys want to play whenever I am on.

Till next week guys may your Spirits always Linger, and may your opponent never play any mass removal. That’s just mean. Mean.

Sam Aka Vaultboyhunter

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Sam Olliso

Sam Olliso (vaultboyhunter) started playing magic between Ice Age and 4th Edition, when he was in high school in the 1990s The first Rare he ever ripped was Force of Nature. His favorite card is Counterspell, favorite land Island. He has an amazing wife, a beautiful little baby boy. He enjoys PRE events, is a casual player with Spikey tendencies, and long walks on the beach. Add him on MTGO and message him for an add buddy if you want. He is mostly friendly with strangers, especially if you have candy.