Community Participation League, Week 6: Mini Update

Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds,

I am sick as a dog today, so I am just going to put up the matchups for week 6 tonight, and put up a full article on Wednesday or Thursday.

Week 6 Match-Ups

Avery61 vs Carnuz
Bava Vs Denofbears
Deluxeifoff vs Vaultboyhunter
Fanofhistory vs Ztrman
Tangents vs Magicgatheringstrat2
Bamboorush vs Aranarth
Bocco123 vs Casanova
Greedyfoe vs Clozeone
Cyrulean vs Drinkard
Jamespwright Vs Leozoeckler
Landonpeanut vs Litofeit
Mlord vs Rahrahrah
Rremedio1 vs Shifitingshadows
Sirpoptart vs Thelonesun
Tikigodbob vs Yugular
Darkpaladan2 Bye

Keep your eyes open later in the week for the full article, and get out there and play guys!

Sam AKA Vaultboyhunter

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Sam Olliso

Sam Olliso (vaultboyhunter) started playing magic between Ice Age and 4th Edition, when he was in high school in the 1990s The first Rare he ever ripped was Force of Nature. His favorite card is Counterspell, favorite land Island. He has an amazing wife, a beautiful little baby boy. He enjoys PRE events, is a casual player with Spikey tendencies, and long walks on the beach. Add him on MTGO and message him for an add buddy if you want. He is mostly friendly with strangers, especially if you have candy.