Faithless Looting #1: Sliver Me Timbers

The Faithless Looting article series will cover budget play across formats, and there WILL BE PRIZES! If you have a favorite budget deck (or deck in a budget format) you’d like me to cover, just let me know in the comments. Suggestions are always welcome.

This week, since we’re neck deep in Modern Silverblack at the moment with our league event, I thought I would cover the Silverblack deck I used for weeks one through three, with moderate results. The deck is, as you may have guessed, Slivers. Here is the list.

[d title=”Midrange Slivers (Modern Silverblack)”]
4 Manaweft Sliver
4 Predatory Sliver
4 Striking Sliver
4 Virulent Sliver
4 Frenetic Sliver
4 Dormant Sliver
4 Firewake Sliver
4 Gemhide Sliver

Sliver Finders
4 Lead the Stampede

Sliver Enablers
4 Abundant Growth
4 Evolving Wilds
1 Mountain
1 Island
1 Plains
13 Forest

Cheeky Sideboard
4 Harmonic Sliver
4 Liquimetal Coating
3 Marrow Shards
4 Back to Nature

So yeah, the deck is pretty all-in on the Sliver plan. A note about some of the card choices.

[c]Manaweft[/c] and [c]Gemhide Sliver[/c]s make us able to play a four-color Sliver deck pretty consistently. Along with the [c]Abundant Growth[/c]s, we have 12 green spells that let us make a mana of any color. This allows us to run mainly Forests and still cast everything we need to cast. The concept of “five-color green” isn’t new, of course, this is just the Sliver version of it.

[c]Firewake Sliver[/c] and [c]Frenetic Sliver[/c] do a number of things for us. Firewake Sliver gives all our guys haste, which means we can easily chain off slivers when we have Manaweft or Gemhide in play, and all our one-mana slivers become essentially free. Just as importantly, they provide Sliver sac outlets: this is great for avoiding removal (Frenetic Sliver in particular gives all our slivers a 50/50 chance of living through any targeted removal or board wipe) and is also necessary at some point if you have a [c]Dormant Sliver[/c] on the table, as you won’t be able to attack until that guy is gone.

[c]Dormant Sliver[/c] is a card-drawing powerhouse or, more often than not, a big ol’ eater of removal. Still, if he stays on the board for even a turn, he can do really crazy things. This deck can easily draw 30 cards in a turn with just one of these guys out and a Firewake + Mana Sliver on the table.

You’ll recognize most of the other Slivers from Pauper. [c]Virulent Sliver[/c] ignores life gain, which can be very useful; [c]Striking Sliver[/c] creates really great blocking states; [c]Predatory Sliver[/c] is our only ‘Lord’ and is quite handy because otherwise we have a whole lot of 1/1s.

Our only non-Sliver, non-mana spell is [c]Lead the Stampede[/c]. The potential to draw 5 cards for 3 mana is amazing. It’s almost always at least a [c]Divination[/c], and often much better.

The sideboard is fun in that it has a combo built into it.

[c]Harmonic Sliver[/c] + [c]Liquimetal Coating[/c] = Whenever you play a Sliver destroy one of your opponent’s permanents. It’s very handy against Tron.

Harmonics are themselves great against Affinity and Aura builds, or anything else dependent on artifacts and enchantments. [c]Marrow Shards[/c] kills tokens and white weenies and costs 0 mana to cast, which we love. Finally, because Hexproof kills us otherwise, [c]Back to Nature[/c] is in the board in full force, though the full 4-of is probably overkill on top of the Harmonic Slivers.

Here is my match against Brennon playing Hexproof. It was my one shining moment so far in the league.


I played three matches with Slivers in league, and only went 1-2. I beat Hexproof, then lost to RB Control and Mono-Green Tribal Warriors. I think the deck is ‘good’, and I think it is fun, but I also think it could be better.

This is where you come in! This is where PRIZES come in too!

Challenge #1: Sliver Me Timbers

The challenge is simple: build me a better Slivers deck for Modern Silverblack.

Better can mean a lot of things. It can mean more competitive, certainly, but it can also mean more fun or more creative. There are some Slivers from M15 that weren’t available when I put this together. Maybe some of them should be added?

The idea of a “Slivers” deck also allows for some wiggle room; in this case, we’ll say the hard rule is that at least 50% of your total creature count in your main board needs to be made up of Slivers. So if you have 24 creatures in your main, at least 12 needs to be Slivers. No creature-less decks, though; include at least 4 Slivers in your deck, even if they are the only creatures.

Submit your Sliver brews in the comments below by 12 noon Pacific Time (GMT -7) on Sunday, August 10.

I will pick up to three of my favorite brews to play on MTGO and will declare one brew the winner. Whoever submits the winning brew will win two items randomly selected from my Loot Crate stash. As of now, ALL items I’ve opened in the June and July loot crates are available, so check out the videos to see what kind of cool swag you might score.



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