The Pauper Gauntlet deck submissions start on August 31st on Be prepared!

The first ten Pauper Gauntlet competitors will be presented on The next ten Pauper Gauntlet competitors will be presented here on The decks will play the first two rounds in the order they are given by their numbers, so MUC will be the 17th deck played.

Mono Blue Control did really well last year. This year I have decided to go with a list by someoldguy, who was the #1 player in the Premier Events earlier this year before they died out. It was the sheer amount of card draw that convinced me. I like drawing cards with my control lists.

I have replaced his Remove Souls with Nullifys.

accumulated knowledge

I will need help with the sideboard plan. See the end of the article.

This is the deck list:

Mono Blue Control by someoldguy

Land (23)
19 Island

Creatures (8)
Delver of Secrets
Spire Golem

Spells (30)
Accumulated Knowledge
Oona’s Grace
Piracy Charm
Muddle the Mixture
Sideboard (15)
Relic of Progenitus
Coral net
Echoing Truth

Yes, that is 61 cards. Someoldguy often does this for some reason unknown to me. Maybe it is just to challenge himself.

The Sideboard Plan

I defintely need help here. How would you sideboard with this deck against the top decks of Pauper?

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