Pauper Gauntlet Competitor #15: Mono Black Control

The first ten Pauper Gauntlet competitors will be presented on They will play the first two rounds in the order they are given by their numbers, so MBC will be the 15th deck played.

The decks that will start first on August 31st are

#1 Illusory Tricks:

#2 Love Train:

#3: Exhume Control

#4: Izzet Control.


Mono Black Control is one of the strongest deck in the Pauper format today. The idea is just to gain life, card advantage and value by playing ETB creatures combined with powerful removal spells. It is a tap-out control deck more than it is a midrange deck. The printing of Gray Merchant of Asphodel brought this already powerful deck to the very top tier of Pauper.

I sent out a request for a captain for MBC on the YouTube channel and WitchKingx5 stepped up to the challenge. This is his list. As the captain of the deck, he has all the responsibilities of a brewer but less of the glory of inventing a totally orginal deck.

WitchKingx5 has promised to deliver a sideboard plan before actual gameplay in the Gauntlet starts on September 14th.

This is the deck list:

[d title=”Mono Black Control by WitchKingx5″]
23 Swamp

4 Chittering Rats
4 Phyrexian Rager
4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel
3 Cuombajj Witches
2 Crypt Rats
2 Liliana’s Specter

4 Corrupt
4 Geth’s Verdict
4 Sign in Blood
3 Tendrils of Corruption
2 Dead Weight
1 Death Denied

4 Duress
4 Wrench Mind
2 Rancid Earth
2 Nihil Spellbomb
1 Echoing Decay
1 Diabolic Edict
1 Unearth


The captain has a few words to say about the deck: This version is very oldschool-grindy, but it’s still a beast. [c]Death Denied[/c] is the ultimate late-game card in Pauper, if you top-deck or draw it on Turn 10+ you’re pretty much guaranteed to win if it resolves. This version has a lot more Lifegain, and the Corrupts go pretty much always to the face. We are playing only Swamps, as we don’t want to loose out on any tempo and we have a total of 10 cards that get better with more lands.

This version is much more solid, it usually doesn’t disappoint. Our Sideboard let’s us change the style of the Deck completely, depending on what we need, against Combo and Control, we have 8 Hand disruption pieces which is really nice. This Deck is made to beat creature Decks, but still has a decent shot against the rest of the field.

Sideboard plan

Affinity: +1 Edict, +1 Unearth, +1 Echoing Decay, -3 Cuombajj Witches

BorosKitty: +1 Edict, +1 Unearth, -2 Cuombajj Witches

Burn: +2 Nihil Spellbomb, +4 Duress, +4 Wrench Mind, -3 Cuombajj Witches, -4 Geth’s Verdict, -2 Dead Weight, -1 Death Denied

Delver: +1 Echoing Decay, +1 Diabolic Edict, -2 Corrupt

Elves: +1 Unearth, +1 Echoing Decay, – 2 Verdict

Familiars: +4 Duress, +4 Wrench Mind, +2 Rancid Earth, not sure what to take out or if so much is really necessary ;)

Freed from the real combo/Love Train: +4 Duress,

Goblins: +1 Edict, +1 Unearth, +1 Echoing Decay, -2 Specter, -1 Chittering Rats

GW Tokens: +1 Echoing Decay, +2 Rancid Earth, +1 Unearth, -4 Geth’s Verdict

Hexproof: +1 Unearth, +1 Diabolic Edict, +4 Duress, +4 Wrench Mind, -3 Tendrils of Corruption, -2 Dead Weight, -3 Cuombajj Witches, -2 Corrupt

Infect: +1 Diabolic Edict, +4 Duress, +1 Echoing Decay, +1 Unearth, -4 Corrupt, -3 Tendrils

Izzet Control: +4 Duress, +4 Wrench Mind, -3 Cuombajj Witches, -3 Tendrils of Corruption, -2 Dead Weight

MBC : +4 Wrench Mind, +1 Unearth,

MUC: +4 Duress, +4 Wrench Mind, -3 Cuombajj Witches, -3 Tendrils of Corruption, -2 Dead Weight

RG Aggro: +1 Unearth, -1 Crypt Rats

Slivers: +1 Echoing Decay, +1 Diabolic Edict, -2 Specter

Songs of the Damned: +2 Nihil Spellbomb, -2 Dead Weight

Stompy/Green One: +1 Edict, +1 Unearth, +1 Echoing Decay, -3 Corrupt

Tron: +4 Duress, +4 Wrench Mind, +2 Rancid Earth, -3 Cuombajj Witches, -4 Geth’s Verdict, -2 Dead Weight, -1 Corrupt

Tortured Existence : +2 Nihil Spellbomb

The rest of the Deck goes pretty much the same, you win against most aggro Decks like 70% of the time, and against Control/Combo, you have a huge hand disruption suite to your desposal.


Here are two videos of me playing the deck.

vs Saprolings (!)

vs Burn



What is the Pauper Gauntlet?

A large number of decks will run the Gauntlet starting September 14th, 2014.

We will be using two YouTube channels for the second season. Please subscribe to “sngprop” and “MagicGatheringStrat”.

Here is a link to sngprop:

Deck submission start on on August 31st

The list of decks will be published on on September 14th.

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