Standard Pauper Show: Supplemental #2

Section 1: Waiting for the show to start

I am back home again from a family road trip. We went to visit family in Biloxi, MS. The crazy thing is, the coast is still reeling from hurricane Katrina. Believe it or not, ten years later and there are still vacant buildings and empty lots. However, we still had a great time. What has been rebuilt is beautiful. I highly recommend the area if you are into vacations that are actually relaxing.

As far as Standard Pauper goes, there are no events until next week.

After the Worlds event, takes a week off to let everyone recoup and get ready for the newest season. In the meanwhile, Sam and I are planning on putting together our podcast (is it a cast if we have no distribution other than YouTube?) this weekend and release it corresponding with the season start.

Section 2: Can tokens be a deck archetype?

I have an idea for a tokens deck. I am sure by now everyone else does too.

What I am wondering, as all of you are too, is whether it is even viable. Is it fast enough? Can it succeed in this meta? I am willing to find out.

Generic White Tokens

4 Triplicate Spirits
4 Raise the alarm
4 Selfless Cathar
4 Hive Stirrings
3 Seller of Songbirds
3 Eyes in the Skies
3 Supply-Line Cranes

2 Sanctified Charge
3 Inspired Charge
3 Fortify
3 Pacifism
3 Celestial Flare

21 Plains

The opening hand is:

[c]Celestial Flare[/c]
[c]Seller of Songbirds[/c]
[c]Seller of Songbirds[/c]
[c]Eyes in the Skies[/c]

Seems keepable enough. But can this win out over aggro? What we need is some kind of anthem. Lets look at the next 6:

[c]Selfless Cathar[/c]
[c]Hive Stirrings[/c]
[c] Inspired Charge[/c]
[c] Inspired Charge[/c]

That Cathar is going to do more work in this set than I think it ever did in Innistrad.

Are there enough common level anthems to give this deck type some legs?

Section 3: Pauper Cube and M15

I have some more thoughts on the Pauper Cube.

Lets compare and contrast

Both are highly aggro. The reason I want to put the Marauder in over the Flunkies is that it can attack and block all the time, no restrictions.

Which do you think should go in/stay in?


Wingcrafter demands you have another creature to be anything other than a 1/1. While Frost Lynx is always a 2/2 and can tap down a problem creature.

Which do you think should go in/stay in?

Let me know in the comments!