Community Participation League #2: Week One

Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds!

It’s time, it’s time, it’s time. We’ve come here today to wage epic battle for the glory of victory, and the power to pick the format for the third league.

The format is Pauper, the league is set, and we are here for the party.

Before we get to some rules, let us see the list of the players, shall we?

Adrian Deluxeicoff
Adriana Ciz_Moloch
Ahniwa Bava
Austin Magicalhobo
Andrew Casanova
Avery Avery61
Beau bdgp009
Ben Biggestboss
Ben emptycircle
Ben lilimpulse
Bill Rahrahrah
Brennon Cyrulean
Chris Axl777
Clint SLVR6
Craig Drazinus
Dan fanofhistory
Daniel SeiryuAzuma
Dillon obzen
Doug Missedtriggers
Drew dew4au
Eddy Shifting Shadows
Elliot ecar642
Etiens etiens
Francisco Hatta
Garrett PAE_Forever
Ivan Carnuz
Jacob darkpaladan3
James jamespwright
James Sirpoptart
Jeff Honorbound84
Jo jmlima
Joe bocco123
Josh Denofbears
Juan Carlos juanmcrae
Ken Kayz
Landon Landonpeanut
Leo LeoZoeckler
Mans Farfishere
Mario Negator
Matt Mlord
Matt imthejitte
Mike ewoksrule
Mike Meekrab
Nathan Najay1
Nick Basedx
Olick Olick
Paul Somewhatdyslexic
Petyton Magicgatheringstrat2
Piet the_piet
Roberto rremedio1
Sam Vaultboyhunter
Sam Hexalite
Sergi clozeone
Steven omodixps
Tom 99999
Trent thephatty500
Tristan punninglinguist
Zach ztrman

58 players. Pretty awesome, and some super-awesome players in there, too. I see a ton of new players out there. Welcome to the league, everyone. We are super happy to have you, and if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out to me at any time. I answer my emails pretty much as I get them.

Go and add everyone on the list to your MTGO buddy list right now. I’ll wait. Done yet? Good.

Rules for the Second League.

The format is Pauper, its super nice to have a format this time the client supports; easier to build decks and filter out cards. I didn’t hear anyone bending any rules during the first league, and I know nobody is going to this time around.

The rules for pauper construction are right here in case you are new to the format.

The banned cards are, thankfully.

[c]Cranial Plating[/c]
[c]Empty the Warrens[/c]
[c]Frantic Search[/c]
[c]Temporal Fissure[/c]

And let me tell you the format is way better without those horrible horrible cards in it.

Some rules about how the League is going to run this time around.

First you can play any deck you like every week, you are not tied into one deck, and you don’t have to post the deck anywhere like on I trust you to play a Pauper legal deck. The client won’t let you play an illegal deck anyways. I also know during the first League I played like 5 different decks in 7 weeks. I like to change things up.

Second be nice. You can be a Spike, but remember this is a Community League, not a PTQ. Have fun, and don’t rage. We are all nice people, and we like to play the game, so keep that in mind.

Third don’t wait for the last minute to play your match. Email your opponent as soon as you can and set up your matches. There is a little change in the days you have to play your matches this time around so don’t procrastinate, get it done. Remember you are playing people from all over the world, so try and be flexible as well. Make it work guys, you can do it.

Fourth I am going to be posting my League articles on Wednesday now. The time crunch of having the League week end on Sunday night and my article going up on Monday was a huge time crunch on me and Bava. By doing it on Wednesday I have all day Tuesday to write the article, set up the pairings, and so on.

Fifth I will post the pairings on Wednesday, you will have until 9am CST Monday to play your matches. If something comes up and you need extra time I will extend as needed from there, probably to 9PM CST Monday. Again I can give extra time without it making my articles super late and hard to write. Which will lead to more content in the Articles, and an easier time on our beloved Human-Superbeast Editor, Bava.

Sixth if you are going to miss a week, two weeks, three weeks let me know. I won’t pair you during that timeframe. If you want to drop from the league let me know and I will drop you. If you miss more than two weeks in a row without letting me know, and then don’t respond to my emails then I will remove you from the league. I didn’t start doing that till week 4 the first league. So I want to set the standard from the very start this time. Email communication is the best thing every, don’t hesitate so shoot me an email about anything. I respond to them all.

Seventh the league will be 8 weeks long this time. I didn’t set the length of the first League and I regretted it. That will be 8 weeks of normal play with Swiss pairings, and then we will cut to a Top 8 for the following 1-2 weeks, and then we’ll have a winner!

Eighth If one player shows up, and the other player doesn’t I will try my hardest to repair you. It’s not always possible, but just let me know. If not both players will just get a Bye.

Ninth, the winner is responsible for posting results, and should do so in the comments on that week’s article. Reports should look something like this: “Hi, I’m Vaultboyhunter and I beat Bava 2-1 in our match.” If you don’t win, you may still comment, but it is the winner who is really responsible.

Points this time around will reflect the DCI Swiss Pairing system:

  • Match Win: 3 Points
  • Match Draw: 1 Point
  • Match Loss: 0 Points
  • BYE: Counts as a Win

Right now I don’t have any snazzy prizes besides the glory of victory, and the ability to pick the Format for the next League. Which will happen just like the first league. During the Top 8 week the rest of the League will vote on the community choice format, and the winner can pick that or any other format they may want.

If anyone wants to volunteer some prizes, that would be cool. I do have a bunch of random free promo junk I can give away, but nothing cool and Pauper-themed.

And that is really it for the rules and stuff.

When Khans hits online it will be legal to add cards just as soon as you can. I’ve not seen too much that is going to be at the Pauper power level, but if you want to play Khans cards go nuts.

Pairings for Week One



Other Stuff Plugs and Odds and Ends.

If you guys go to the forum, Bava has a whole topic set up about League #2 so feel free to brew and share deck ideas there and anything you want to do. I wouldn’t suggest trying to set your matches up there, that’s going to be so much better through email.

Also the second Pauper Gauntlet starts on the 15th, so keep your eyes peeled on the Youtube magicgatheringstrat channel and SNGpop for all the matches there. I have 10 decks I submitted in, and am really looking forward to Dan playing all that pauper with all those crazy crazy decks.

If you want to see the deck submission sausage get made follow the link. The submission will be closed by the time my article gets posted but still fun to see how it all went down.

Brennon and I are going to start having Dan on the Standard Pauper Show to discuss how the Gauntlet is going so if you want to feast your ear holes on that tune in.

I will always be looking for deck lists, videos, even just opinion on how the league is going to include in my articles so feel free to email me anything you want. I love having extra content, and the voice of you, the people of the League is strong!

And that wraps up the Launch article you guys, get out there, email your opponents, and let’s have some really epic battles guys!

Till next time may your opponents Delver never flip turn two, and may your Lightning always Bolt for 3.

Sam AKA Vaultboyhunter

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Sam Olliso

Sam Olliso (vaultboyhunter) started playing magic between Ice Age and 4th Edition, when he was in high school in the 1990s The first Rare he ever ripped was Force of Nature. His favorite card is Counterspell, favorite land Island. He has an amazing wife, a beautiful little baby boy. He enjoys PRE events, is a casual player with Spikey tendencies, and long walks on the beach. Add him on MTGO and message him for an add buddy if you want. He is mostly friendly with strangers, especially if you have candy.