Community Participation Leagues: #1 Wrap Up and #2 Update Community League 1 Wrap Up League 2 Update!

Registration is open, sign up for League #2. The format is Classic Pauper!

Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds!

League #2 Update!

Welcome to the week before the storm! Next week the epic battle will begin. Blood will be spilt, and mana will be burned.

The turn out so far has been amazing. 39 people at the time of the writing, and a bunch of new people. Welcome new guys! You are all amazing people, and I can’t wait to play you all!

I’m not going to talk much about the second League this week, that’s for next week, but I do have a challenge for you all between now and 9/8/14.

You have an MTGO buddy list, right? Some players you like, some bots you like to shop at. I have a buddy list, and all you wonderful people are on it. As some of you may know I have been talking to some of my buddies about joining the league, and then dropping them the link to the registration. People love leagues, and the people who love Pauper really, really love Pauper. The whole thing almost sells itself.

This week my challenge to you all is to find the person on your buddy list who you think is the coolest player, or the guy who loves Pauper the most, and invite them to the league. Just ask if they like fun, if they crave competition, if they want to bask in the glow of winning games over such ardent foes. Then give them the link,, then drop the microphone and walk off the stage.

It’s all about word of mouth, grassroots, and community building gents, get out there and spread the word if you don’t mind.

Thank you all kindly!

Pauper Gauntlet #2 Plug!

It’s that time of year again, when a certain Swedish Viking goes completely insane and plays like 600 games of Pauper with a bunch of different decks till one is crowned the winner.

Yes, folks, it’s the Second Annual Pauper Gauntlet. Dan asked me to link up the deck submission for him, he’s hoping to get about 100 decks, and at the time of this writing he has 33, with a few pending. I submitted 10 myself, and managed to get 4 in. 2 of my builds, and 2 I have seen results on, and just want to have Dan play.

You can brew a deck and submit it, or just submit a deck you saw someone else playing, and think it would be fun for Dan to play. The sky is the limit!

The rule is if you submit the deck you also need to write up a sideboard plan for Dan. He will be happy to let you know how, and is really looking forward to all the decks he can get.

Here is the link for you all. Go, my little ones, and submit many decks.

Community League #1 Wrap Up!

So at the end of the whole thing I thought the League went amazing. There were a few bumps in the road here and there. Starting a League during prime vacation time was a big one. Who knew so many people all over the world left their dwellings for weeks at a time to go stay in other dwellings far, far away?

There was attrition, people leaving, or losing interest, which I expected, but by the last few weeks I really felt that the people that were still standing was a great core group of guys ready to play and have fun, and to me that was what the whole thing was about.

I also had way, way more fun than my 3-5 record stated. Really, I am not the best loser in the world, I over-analyze play mistakes, and am my worst critic, but getting to play everyone I got to play made me feel like I learned a bunch. Like always be ready to play Avery61 cause he will play evil cards against you.

I’ve got my eyes on you sir.

The epic Final game came down to Sirpoptart vs Greedyfoe. The decks from the finals!

[d title=”Sirpoptart’s Green Monster Stompy”]
20 Forest
3 Treetop Village

4 Arbor Elf
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Beastbreaker of Bala Ged
4 Strangleroot Geist
3 Kitchen Finks
4 Druid’s Familiar
4 Leatherback Baloth

4 Rancor
3 Overrun
3 Dismember

4 Fog
2 Vines of Vastwood
2 Kavu Predator
2 Krosan Grip
4 Needle Storm
1 Kitchen Finks


[d title= “Greedyfoe’s RW Scepter Control”]
4 Boros Guildgate
1 Tectonic Edge
8 Plains
8 Mountain

4 Young Pyromancer
2 Guttersnipe

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Path to Exile
4 Gitaxian Probe
4 Lightning Helix
4 Magma Jet
4 Ghostly Prison
4 Isochron Scepter
3 Dawn Charm
2 Boros Charm

3 Wear//Tear
2 Kor Firewalker
2 Sulfur Elemental
2 Celestial Flare
2 Beckon Apparition
2 Sowing Salt
1 Ghost Quarter
1 Celestial Purge

Raw force against a deck full of burn. Epic battle. Sirpoptart did pull it out 2-1. To quote Greedyfoe, “Burn has a hard time dealing with a [c]Leatherback Baloth[/c].” I also have a feeling the [c]Kitchen Finks[/c] pulled their own weight in the match up as well.

The link to the forums where many many of the top 8 have been kind enough to post up their favorite decks from the 8 weeks. Jason Moore even has some video content up there! Go and look, guys!

In summation before we go, I had a blast not only playing you guys the first league, but also running the league. I am really looking forward to a strong turn out for the second league, and just as much fun for everyone involved. It’s a great time for Pauper, with the weekend Daily events, the Weekendlys, and Dan starting the Gauntlet up again.

And that’s it for this week folks!

Next week will bring the lightning and the thunder, and a light warm rain that is good for grass and flower growth. I can’t wait!

Sam AKA Vaultboyhunter

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