Faithless Looting #5: Tribal Warfare

Welcome back to Faithless Looting, my weekly look at budget lists and budget formats.

Having a holiday on Monday threw off my schedule a bit, so I’m running late and this article will be short and sweet. If you are a regular reader, you know how these things go. I’ll announce the winner of last week’s contest, give the guidelines for the contest this week, and then talk about something of great importance (usually, generally, most of the time).

Faithless Contest #4: Winner!

The theme for this contest was mono-colored, and I got two great Modern submissions and one great Standard submission. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The winner this week, for his fun Mono-Red Shamans deck, is Drinkard!

Congratulations, you will receive two items, randomly selected, from my current Loot Crate stash!

Here is the winning decklist:

[d title=”Mono Red Shamans, Drinkard (Modern)”]
23 Mountain

4 Flamekin Harbinger
4 Goblin Arsonist
4 Firedrinker Satyr
4 Intimidator Initiate
4 Martyr of Ashes
4 Rage Forger
4 Spikeshot Elder
4 Stonewright
1 Ashling the Pilgrim

4 Shared Animosity [/d]

No sideboard was provided, but the deck did fine without one. It plays a lot like Goblins in Modern, but I think it has a bit more reach and is somewhat more resilient. Shared Animosity is a great card and I was happy to drop it and immediately swing for 15+ damage, every time.

It’s also worth mentioning (since this is a budget series, after all) that this deck was significantly cheaper than the other two submitted, that it only needed basic Mountains, and that it is ridiculously cheap for the Modern format. If you already have Shared Animosity, it only costs about 4 tix to put the rest of the deck together. The whole thing comes out at just under 10 tix if you need Animosities as well. On paper, the deck runs about $30.

Here is some video of my matches with the deck:


I also played White Knights (Modern) submitted by Brennon:


And Greenveyard (Standard) submitted by rremedio:


Faithless Contest #5: Rules

1. Design a fun, innovative, or powerful budget Tribal deck.

2. Post it in the comments below.

3. Submissions due before Monday, September 8.


  • Decks may be for any format and as few or as many colors as you want.
  • Decks should have a clear tribal synergy; I’d say at least 20 of a given creature type.
  • I will highlight the most interesting decks in next week’s article, and may play some on video for the YouTube channel. One lucky winner will get two items, randomly selected, from my current LootCrate stash. Check out the videos at the bottom of this post to see what’s available.
  • Your chances of winning greatly increase if you submit a deck.

Faithless Decks #5: Illusory Tricks

I ran my signature Pauper deck, Illusory Tricks, in the Daily Event on August 31. My rounds were against WUR Control, MBC, UR Fiend, and MBC.

Check it out.


I didn’t do super-awesome, but TurboKitty3000 rocked a 4-0 with this Domain list (with [c]Blastoderm[/c]!) the day before.

[d title=”Blas-Domain, turbokitty3000 (Pauper)”]
4 Evolving Wilds
9 Forest
1 Mountain
1 Plains
1 Swamp
4 Terramorphic Expanse

3 Blastoderm
4 Kor Skyfisher
4 Matca Rioters
2 Qasali Pridemage
4 Squadron Hawk
4 Wild Nacatl

4 Abundant Growth
1 Bonesplitter
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Nylea’s Presence
4 Tribal Flames
2 Unearth

1 Qasali Pridemage
3 Ancient Grudge
3 Circle of Protection: Red
2 Lone Missionary
4 Pyroblast
2 Ray of Revelation [/d]

Last but not least, submissions are now open for the Pauper Gauntlet. They close on September 10, so submit your decks now!