Pauper Gauntlet, Season 2: Which Decks Should Make It In?

Pauper Gauntlet deck submissions have now ended. I received 100+ submissions. Thank you so much for your hard work. You brewers did great SB plans and sometimes full articles on the decks. The discussion has been great.

See the full conversation and the main Pauper Gauntlet article here.

72 decks are approved for the Pauper Gauntlet. They will be presented on Sunday, September 14th, on MTGOLibrary. That will also be the day that gameplay starts.

But I have nine decks I have not yet made up my mind about. I want your help with this.

Please tell me THREE of these decks that you want to see in the Pauper Gauntlet. Please no more than three. I have not yet decided how many to let in, but I want each of you to support up to three decks in the comments below. The most popular of these decks is guaranteed to get in.

You can be as elaborate as you wish.

pauper gauntlet

These are the nine decks.

Blazing Spellbomb

Exalted Flyers

Green Grifters

Grixis LD Control

Hobo Omelette

Mono Red Kuldotha Tron

Mono Blue Artifacts

Sac Attack

The Vermin Deck

Let me know which three you like.

I will have to make a decision late on Saturday , September 13th, so please reply no later than Saturday 3 pm EST

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