Khans of Tarkir’s Finest

So, full spoiler. We’ve got complete access to every card that might be inside the many, many Khans of Tarkir boosters that are going to be opened beginning this weekend. It’s time then to start thinking what could find a slot in your Modern brews.


Abzan Ascendancy is not a game breaker, but the advantage it gives you can be substantial. It can be a nice card to experiment with, especially if you can find a way to maximize the counter placing effect.


Removal, card draw, and pump. The charms are always nice for their versatility, even though they do not tend to see much use in the end, the mana requirement being a big drawback.


Now we’re talking. This is a very, very nice creature that can join [c]Bloodghast[/c] and [c]Gravecrawler[/c] in a recursive battalion. Being able to attack more or less blindly is a good feeling. If only it was a Zombie Warrior, eh?


I was very excited at first, and then I remembered Modern has Phyrexian Metamorph, which can be cast for one less, and exclusively colorless. This can copy more things, of course, which might give us a reason to run it. An interesting card, in any case.


There are cheaper wraths, and there are uncounterable wraths. This one compensates by destroying Bestowed creatures and Equipment, which could give it an edge in some situations. It kills [c]Batterskull[/c], which is relevant.


One more mana, one more goblin. The three-mana slot might be already packed in Modern Goblins, but this can be interesting nonetheless.


I’m not really sure there is a slot for this anywhere, but if Storm can make it work, it could be great.


[c]Lightning Angel[/c] for one less mana with one less toughness. This point of toughness is incredibly relevant, as it makes [c]Mantis Rider[/c] fail the Bolt test, and therefore somewhat fragile in the Modern metagame. It can also hit the battlefield one turn earlier, but URW decks in Modern do not tend to be aggressive. Good creature in any case, with a very interesting combination of keywords.


Doubles the amount of attackers and can save them from removal. It is interesting in swarm decks, and it almost fits Naya Zoo. Requires some thinking, but the effect is nice.


[c]Flame Slash[/c], [c]Raise the Alarm[/c] and [c]Duress[/c]. A great combination of effects that can help you in a variety of situations. Again, requires three colours, which is a usual caveat in this edition.


Not as great as [c]Burning-Tree Shaman[/c], but it can be a four-drop and a three-drop both in the same turn. As long as the three-drop doesn’t require two mana of the same colour, that is. Not as great, as I said, but it can lead to some nice plays.


Yes, it is expensive. But the turn you activate the morph… So nice. I can’t see it in any current deck, but nevertheless, one of the decent morph creatures in KTK.


Prowess is underwelming in most of the creatures in Khans of Tarkir, but this one might make it. Haste, and a low cost, make it the perfect fit for a [c]Nivix Cyclops[/c] / [c]Kiln Fiend[/c] deck. I think it can hit pretty hard in Storm, and the deck can afford a single red mana once it starts comboing. Lack of evasion makes it less useful, of course.


Delve is dangerous in a world full of [c]Remand[/c]s, but this card can be worth it. Playing it for 1B is already good, and it can happen in the very first turns. I like this one.


A mana dork that can attack. Also, it can be played entirely on colourless mana. There are many good mana dorks already in Modern though, so not sure this one is going to make it.


Big beater with an incredibly nice keyword combination. It is not incredibly efficient, but you do get what you pay for.


A decent Planeswalker, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to play it. Not my cup of tea, as I do not quite see red decks as the sort to play these long term things, but very nice.


Efficiently costed beast with a lot of possibilities if you have the mana for it. Being playable with haste is what makes it good.


Cool planeswalker, as Sorin tends to be. Tokens is a great home for it, but the currently played version is also great, so it will take some playtesting to decide.


The usual charm discourse. Come to think of it, the original charms were not played much, and I’m not sure these ones are better.


Wow, pretty good. This makes a difference. Very impressed with this, and it could perfectly be played. Will Khans of Tarkir be enough to create a RUG Zoo deck?


I like it, but I know this one is probably the worst charm. It’s only it fits my play-style.


Not quite a Vindicate, but we’re not going to see that reprinted any time soon. This is a solid removal, and can see play. I would run one or two maindeck, personally, as it is pretty catch-all.


Yeeeeah, I guess these could see play. On a serious note, we must be thankful for this reprint. Greatest thing ever for our format. The average price of decks will go down like 100€ at least.

So, that was it. A bit less in-depth that I would have liked, but this is conjecture and I’m not that convinced. And I had to leave the coolest card in the set out, which is [c]Flying Crane Technique[/c], of course.

I have a big doubt though. Do you think this time the Charms will see play? I can see they’re good but they might be too difficult to cast. What do you think?