Community League Update: Changing the Guard

First off, I want to thank Sam for doing such an awesome job running Leagues #1 and #2. Sam’s enthusiasm is infectious, and I heard a number of compliments about how his energy benefited the league. Thanks, Sam!

Sam is taking some time off because he has a new baby and, hey, priorities! That said, we are hoping that he will be able to run some one-off PREs in the future, ideally some Pauper events at times that work for folks in Europe, because the official Pauper events (and even the current PREs) can be tough for them to attend. We’ll keep you apprised. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing leagues, and I’ll be running them and providing the updates. I lack some of Sam’s exuberance but make up for it with my more cautious use of punctuation. I’m sure we’ll all get along just fine.

League #2: dew4au wins!

Community League #2 is over! dew4au is the winner! Congratulations!

Here is the Top 8 bracket as it played out.


Congratulations to everyone in the Top 8. You guys were awesome, got your games in, and the league finished with a bang. Props in particular to Sirpoptart, who came in second, and who won League #1. Obviously he is someone to watch.

We’d love to hear about the lists you guys played! Go over here and talk about what you played and how it worked out.

League #3: Standard Pauper

You guys gave us your votes between Standard Pauper and Standard Silverblack, but in the end dew4au got to make the pick and he chose Standard Pauper. It’s still a pretty wide open format, and it’s the cheapest format by far, so everyone will have access to the same pool of cards without exception, and that’s pretty awesome.

Registration is open

If you’ve played in our other leagues, you know the drill.

Go down into the comments and provide a name you’d like to be known as, your MTGO username, and your time zone.

League rules and format and dates

You have a couple weeks to sign-up; the league will start on November 14. Posts will go up first thing on Friday mornings (PST), and you’ll have until noon on Thursday (PST) to get your matches reported. It is the winner’s responsibility to report the score, but both players are always welcome to chime in.

The format this time around is going to be 4 weeks of Swiss and then a cut to Top 8. This puts us on a timeline to be finished by December 19th, and we can take the holidays off without having to worry about scheduling matches.

Communication will be primarily through the site and through email. If you want to take a minute to add [email protected] to your email contacts list, that helps make sure things won’t get sent to your junk box.

I will also post updates on Twitter; please feel free to follow me @bava_mtg. And everything always goes on Facebook, so if you’re on that thing you should like us.

Standard Pauper

If you’re not familiar with Standard Pauper, there are some good resources and lists out there you can check out. First off, check out for their SPDC and MPDC events. This is pretty much THE competitive Standard Pauper scene for MTGO.

Every week on this site, Brennon goes over winning lists and talks about Standard Pauper. If you haven’t been reading and watching, now is a good time to catch up.

Last but not least, I got a lot of great Standard Pauper deck submissions for my Faithless Looting contest #10. Check out the comments in articles #10 and #11, and my write-up in #12, for some cool deck ideas from site regulars.

Extra Life

Extra Life is a very cool organization that raises money for local children’s hospitals. Peyton and I streamed last weekend to help raise money, and Dan will be streaming later on today (10am PST). We are always happy to provide our content here on the site and YouTube for free, and we hope you enjoy it. If you have a minute and a couple bucks to spare, though, we’d love your donation.

Our goal as a team is to reach $200. All of the money goes to local children’s hospitals.

Every donation, even just $1, helps us get there. We appreciate your support.

Sign up now!

Enough jibber-jabber. Sign up for League #3 below and let’s get this thing done! A reminder that your registration comment should look something like this:

Hi, my name is Simon, my MTGO username is ‘likestododrawrings’ and my time zone is PST (GMT -7).

Thanks to everyone for participating in the first two leagues. We’re looking forward to another great one!