Community Participation League #2: Top 8

Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds!!!

Welcome to the final week of the second Community Participation League! It’s Top 8 time, and we have a strong line up!

  1. Dew4au 6-0
  2. Deluxeicoff 5-1
  3. Sirpoptart 5-1
  4. Najay1 5-1
  5. Juanmcrae 5-1
  6. Denofbears 4-1-1
  7. Fanofhistory 4-2
  8. Magicgatheringstrat2 4-2

Here is the link if you want to follow along with the rounds:

league 2 top 8

Set up matches with your opponent as soon as you can, report here per usual, and check up in the comments (or on Challonge) to see your next pairings. You can arrange with your next opponent as soon as the bracket updates. I would like all of the matches to be complete by Wednesday, October 29th, so we can announce the winner of the league as well as the format for the third league during the article that goes up that day!

That’s right, voting for the third league starts right now, and lasts till Tuesday the 28th. We are going to do things a little different this time around. We found that having an established format like Pauper was great at the beginning of League, but it showed player fatigue very quick. So this time around we are going to be picking from a few different formats that are much more open for brewing.

So the formats we are choosing from are.

Standard Pauper. The death of Dimir Mill, and the power level of Khans, has breathed new life into Standard Pauper. It is a blast to play right now. 1 color to 5 color. Anything goes!


Standard Silverblack. The totally unknown format. We would be making our own Meta, starting from scratch. There are some very strong Uncommons around right now, and it looks like it would be amazingly fun to play.

So vote in the comments below! The winner of the League does get to pick the format for the next League, but the voice of the community should have a huge influence on their choice.

So how did you do in the League? Here is a link to the final standings!

I finished a respectable 19th!

Plugs and other stuff

Round three of the Pauper Gauntlet is starting up after the downtime today. The sharks are starting to gather because there is blood in the water! Dan is still looking for people to claim decks, to win amazing prizes!

And of course Brennon, Dan, and I are doing the Standard Pauper Show each week talking about Standard Pauper, Pauper, and the Gauntlet!

Also something cool happened in the last week.

I got a shout out from Scramble, he played my Raka Storm deck to a 3-1 during SPDC 27.01. Pretty awesome I think, and thanks for the props Mr Scramble. I talked to Roberto who finished second, and he let me know Scramble crushed him on his way to 3-1. So the deck does work!

And that’s it. Short and sweet this week as I don’t want to draw focus away from the awesome Top 8.

Just one last thing before I go …

I just want to say it was an amazing experience running the first two leagues on the website. It was great getting to know you all, and play against you guys. It was awesome that we ended up having over 100 players total join, and most of them play some games. I am looking forward to continuing to write for the website, and I am trying to come up with a PRE for the site that runs on the weekend and features a popular format, with prize support.

If anyone ever wants to reach me, I respond pretty much as soon as I get the email, and would love to keep in touch with everyone!

And till next time may you play Treasure Cruise in every blue deck you can jam it into. It’s not broken, but it is just amazing!

Sam Aka Vaultboyhunter

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