Faithless Looting #11: Moderato Cantabile

Welcome back to Faithless Looting, my weekly look at budget lists and budget formats.

Today we proceed ‘moderately and singingly‘ or, if you prefer, just take a musical interlude. Keeping with our French theme today, may I suggest some Erik Satie?

While you’re listening, I have a couple updates to share with you.

First up, I’m continuing last week’s challenge into this week, so check out the rules over there and submit your lists. I have received a wealth of Standard Pauper lists, which I’m very excited about, but haven’t had time to play as many of them as I would like, thus the carry-over into next week.

Secondly, I will reward numerous prizes next week. If you like to win stuff (and there is some cool stuff to win), you should submit neat deck lists.

Lastly, there will not be a contest next week and, after next week, Faithless Looting will go on a brief hiatus, at least for the remainder of October and possibly a bit longer. That isn’t to say that I won’t be writing articles in the Tuesday slot, but that this particular series will take a brief break. The reason is that I am behind on getting prizes together and shipping them out (my regular shipping place doesn’t do international and that threw a major wrench in the works), so I want to catch up on that before we move ahead. The good news is that if you have won a contest in the past couple months and haven’t heard anything or received any prizes, you will! Hopefully the anticipation will sweeten the reward.

So that’s it for this week! Keep submitting lists for last week’s contest, which will now run until next week. I would be especially interested in seeing some budget Standard lists post-rotation in addition to all the Standard Pauper people are submitting.

Until next time, keep the faith!