Community Participation League #2: Week 6

Hello Ladies and Gentlenerds!

Week 5 is done and over and we have a few things to go over and a few announcements!

First off the standings!

Contracts to Deluxeicoff and Dew4au for being 5-0. You guys are the kings of the hill! And six 4-1s as well. Looks like a great race to the top 8.

Which brings me to my first announcement!

This will be the last week of Swiss play for the league, and week 7 will be our ‘Top 8’ week.

Why are we ending early? Well as the weeks have progressed the core players have still be putting in their games, but we have had many more BYEs and people not being able to get their matches in on time during the last three weeks then pretty much the whole first league put together. So Bava and I discussed wrapping things up a bit early. I think it’s a great idea. Even though Pauper is a great format it shows some fatigue, like most eternal formats do over time. How many times can you sit down and play against Delver or MBC or Affinity and not lose your will to play? Thankfully I haven’t ran into any of those big bads this league, but I did play against 3 very different builds of Boros Kitty the first three weeks, so that’s pretty cool.

So with the top Two pretty much set we thought we would do week 6 as paired to see if the other 6 slots would move around any for the standings, and then week 7 would be the Top 8 week. The website Challonge does allow for a bracket Top 8, so we will be using that for the top 8. Top 8 will be announced next week of course as things can change in standings this week.

My second announcement is at the end of this League I will be taking a break from running the Leagues, handing the reins over to Mr Bava. I am going to concentrate more on articles, and try to set up a PRE probably through that works well for both people on my side of the ocean and on the other side. I would love a weekend Pauper event, and am surprised that the biggest Pauper PRE is Tuesday nights. So I am not going away! Just taking a break from running this big crazy League machine. It’s been a blast, but after running the two for the last 5 months almost I can use a break! But Bava is ready to step in and take things over, and run the Third League!

We had one drop this week, SLVR6, and as always we welcome you back next league to try again!

So I love Pauper! It’s the format that got me back into Magic, through watching Youtube videos. I had quit the game at the beginning of Timespiral, and didn’t come back until Innistrad. A bunch of stuff happened not only in paper Magic but also MTGO. PRE Events, Mana not burning, Damage not being on the stack, the last one still annoys me, but I’m not in R&D. I thought I would have some fun this week and do my Pauper Power Dozen. Yes it’s a format that’s so vast you don’t just get nine cards, you get a full Twelve.

Pauper’s Power 12

12. [c]Grim Harvest[/c]. This card is sneaky. You can’t really grasp just how powerful it is till you play against someone playing Trinket, or Tortured Existence. Just the raw ability to get back a Mulldrifter, or Crypt Rats, at instant speed is amazing, and the fact that it has the perfect combination of Buyback and Flashback, Recover attached means it is very hard for your opponent to deal with it.

11. [c]Birchlore Ranger[/c]. This is the evil little green monster that engine that fuels Elfball and any other Elf based strategy. The fact that the ability of the Ranger isn’t a tap effect requiring the Ranger to tap is pretty crazy, as this is a card from the early 2002s when creatures hadn’t got their push yet. This card is why Nettle Sentinel is a huge pain in the butt, and any form of card draw is so evil when playing against green.

10. [c]Rancor[/c]. Turn 1 Forest into Gladecover Scout, or Glistner Elf. Turn two Forest Rancor Rancor. Tough to come back from that sort of beating. Again cards with a built in recursion ability are really hard to compete with in Pauper, and Rancor has that in amazing abundance. This card is amazing in Stompy, Hexproof, and Infect to name a few. A broken enchantment, from a broken block. That’s why it got the Uncommon rarity on it’s reprint! Wizards can learn guys!

9. The Artifact Lands. Playable in only legacy formats for good reason the Artifact lands are the reason Affinity is always in the top 3 decks in the format. They fuel the explosive starts, and the quick games. They can also be the downfall of the deck as they can lead to bad Mana Bases, which when you play such an aggro deck you have to prepare to take those type of lumps every now and again. Thankfully Wizards banned these and quick in most formats. But in Pauper we get all the fun broken commons to play with.

8. [c]Ulamog’s Crusher[/c]. The biggest guy on the field also hates when your opponent has stuff, that’s just a mean gentleman right there. I love Tron, and wish I could run 12 of these guys. If Khans takes us back to Eldrazi Land I hope we get a few more guys like this for the format. Doesn’t Kozilek need a Crusher too?

7. [c]Snap[/c] / [c]Cloud of Faeries[/c] / [c]Spellstutter Sprite[/c]. Free spells. Instant speed Counter Creatures. The engine to Familiars, which is the new Cloudpost deck in the format. Also amazing in Delver decks, and that’s why they are all together on the list.

6. [c]Kor Skyfisher[/c]. Engine cards are a big deal in the format. The Skyfisher is the main engine in Azorus Kitty, Boros Kitty, 5 Color Green, it is amazing in pretty much any deck running White, including most white weenie deck. An engine, a built in 2-1 and a 2/3 flyer for two mana. Sign me up!

5. [c]Brainstorm[/c] / [c]Ponder[/c] / [c]Preordain[/c]. In no order there. I love card draw, even just Cantrips. I think Brainstorm is probably the hardest of the three to play correctly as you really do want the shuffle effects to get rid of junk from the top of your deck if you can. Ponder and Preordain have built in effects to get rid of bad cards so they get the slight edge in the fight. Great in any deck that needs to dig for combo pieces, or wants to be the best deck in the format. I’m looking at you Delver!!

4. [c]Lightning Bolt[/c]. The second best 1 for 3 spell printing, behind Ancestral Recall. 3 Damage for 1 mana is a bargain at twice the price. And that’s why it normally costs two now. I love to play any format with so many Bolts flying at so many faces. And due to most Creatures being under curve on toughness its pretty effective removal.

3. [c]Crypt Rats[/c]. The best board wipe in the format. Hands down. It kills creatures. Opponents. It’s a crazy good part of Trinket, Teachings, and pretty much any deck that runs more than a few Swamps.

2. [c]Counterspell[/c]. Maybe my personal favorite card of all time. Does that make me evil and heartless. Maybe a little. Does it mean that I want to control games from the first card drawn to the last point of life, yes it does. When you absolutely have to counter ever spell in a match, Counterspell, accept no substitutes.

1. [c]Delver of Secrets[/c]. So yeah. The most important creature in the format. The most hated creature in the format. The best creature in the format in the right deck. The right deck is the top deck, and this 3/2 flying Lightning Bolt every turn is a big part of it. This is why it sees play in so many formats.

And that’s it. Feel free to leave comments with anything you feel I left out. I’m no expert just a man with a lantern trying to find a broken card!

Plugs and stuff

Dan is still looking for people to pick decks!

And Brennon and I are live every week on iTunes with Dan talking about this crazy game we all love to play so much! Check us out!

Week 6 Matches!


Remember: email early and often, guys! Both players! Set the matches up before the weekend if you can!

And that’s it for this week my dear League friends! May your opponents play the smallest amount of my Pauper Power 12 as possible. Mainly Delver. Too good to be a common. Just too good.

Sam AKA Vaultboyhunter

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