Pauper Gauntlet, Season 2: The First Round is Over!

WARNING! This blog post contains spoilers if you have not watched all of the videos of the first round of the Pauper Gauntlet S02.

The first round of the Pauper Gauntlet has finished! The first two rounds are double elimination so a deck needs to lose both round 1 and round 2 to get eliminated. After that, it gets more serious.

But some decks lost in the first round. Actually, I was very close to the 70% win percentage I estimated. Now I want to do that again at which point only nine decks will be eliminated. That is my goal for the second round.

Basic facts

What is the Pauper Gauntlet?

Full list of the 77 Pauper Gauntlet decks for the second season:

The above link also contains information about how you can win free prizes (including an Elspeth, Sun’s Champion and two foil Shocklands).

What happened in the first round of the second season of the Pauper Gauntlet?

I played 77 matches. I won 44. I lost 23.

That means that all the decks that lost face the threat of elimination in round two. The other decks will still be played for practice.

Here is a complete list of the decks that are threatened by elimination.

Feature matches

Some of the matches were a lot more interesting than others. I present my five of my favorites here for your enjoyment.

Five Color Green vs Hexproof
Five Color Green is a weird deck and it will constantly surprise me and my opponent.


Trinket vs Delver
Does all my practice with Trinket means I can play it without making errors?


GW Beatdown vs Classic Sligh
I ran into jphsnake testing a new Sligh brew. Is Auroch’s Herd the solution to fast red aggro decks?


WatchRites vs Delver
This match includes the biggest tilt in the Pauper Gauntlet so far.


Thunder Trees vs UG Madness
Those trees! Those trees!!!


Its on to round two! I estimate that will take 2-3 weeks to finish this round.

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