Community League #3, Week Three

Happy holidays to everyone in the U.S. Happy Friday to everyone else! :)

Sorry this up a bit later than usual. A few non-communicating players and a big American holiday and these things tend to happen. Please do remember, though, that even if (especially if) you are having trouble communicating with your opponent for the week, it’s helpful to keep me in the loop. I can reach out on your behalf and, when it comes to it, hand out wins based on who was trying to reach who. That said …

Sirpoptart is out of the league after two weeks of inactivity. We hope to see you back in future events, my friend.

For everyone else, week three is upon us!

The players currently sitting at the top include: Moromete, Najay1, MyGalaxy, dew4au, JorgeJacoh, Scramble, Vaultboyhunter, and DrChrisBakerDC.

Nicely done, guys! We’re halfway through Swiss, though, and there is plenty of Magic left to play. The top seat is definitely still up for grabs.

Prize Support

Just a reminder that I have guaranteed $50 in prize support to the top 3 if we make our goal of $200 in our Extra Life campaign.

Find out more and donate here.

Week Three Match-Ups

Here are the match-ups for week three. Get in touch early, communicate well, and fight hard!


Good luck, have fun!