Legacy on Mondays: Coin Flip for Fun

Welcome Back!

After last week’s Pauper article, I am coming back at y’all with a crazy and risky deck that is absolutely an assload of fun (Oxford English Dictionary has ‘assload’ as an actual unit of measurement). As it is easy to tell from the title, the deck is based around flipping a ton of coins and doing crazy things that make your opponent go crazy. Get out your quarters, nickels, one yen, loonies, and two euro coins ladies and gents because this one is crazy!

[d title=”Coin Flip Madness by Peyton”]
4 Frenetic Efreet
2 Frenetic Sliver
2 Creepy Doll
3 Izzet Signet
4 Krark’s Thumb
1 Mirror Gallery
4 Chance Encounter
3 Planar Chaos
4 Gamble
3 Game of Chaos
3 Odds // Ends
4 Stitch in Time
4 Scalding Tarn
4 Volcanic Island
6 Mountain
5 Island
4 Cascade Bluffs

Oh yes. Various weird coin flipping effects with fun little combo thrown in? This is my cup of tea. The game plan is very simple. The first few turns of the game will be spent getting some artifact mana into play and casting things to make your opponent unhappy. [c]Planar Chaos[/c] is really just obnoxious. No one wants to flip a coin every time they cast their spells to have them resolve, and the opponent literally cannot play enough [c]Stifle[/c]s to beat all of those triggers. Be wary that it may self destruct and counter our own stuff, but that is less of a liability because of one key card in the deck.

[c]Krark’s Thumb[/c] is the linchpin of the deck. It throws the odds in our favor every time the quarter comes out. [c]Planar Chaos[/c] becomes so much less of a liability when our spells are less likely to be countered. [c]Stitch in Time[/c] starts to do a much better [c]Time Walk[/c] impersonation. Your opponent will never want to play the [c]Game of Chaos[/c] with you… With all of these stacked together, the deck can really function and start winning the necessary flips. The flips in question are, of course, supposed to let the deck survive until the win condition can be played.

The win condition in any coin flip deck is, of course, [c]Chance Encounter[/c]. It is possible to use [c]Goblin Bomb[/c], but it is far less reliable and is easily mitigated by a little bit of life gain ([c]Deathrite Shaman[/c]). However, this magical enchantment can only have four copies. If I am playing a risky deck, and I need to find cards, there might as well be a playset of [c]Gamble[/c]! It will find the Encounters, Krark’s Middle Finger, or one of the Frenetic creatures, depending on what is needed. But why the Frenetics you ask?

It is quite simple. with [c]Frenetic Efreet[/c] and [c]Frenetic Sliver[/c], you can stack an infinite number of coin flips on top of each other at instant speed. With a [c]Chance Encounter[/c] in play, you are guaranteed to win at least 10 of those flips regardless of Krark’s presence. It is entirely possible to win with all of the random flip effects combined with several Middle Fingers ([c]Mirror Gallery[/c] is also a potential [c]Gamble[/c] target), but the Efreet interaction makes it possible to win in one turn with just two cards.

The astute will notice that it is awfully spendy for a fun deck. This is totally true. It is almost entirely in the mana base, though, so those who appreciate risky lists without busting the bank can run 14 mountains 6 islands, and be at no loss for fun factor. It is strangely satisfying to win with the deck, so if you are a Legacy fan with this mana base and want something fun to take to the tournament practice room to mess around, this is the deck for you! Do not expect a ridiculous win percentage, but that is the nature of playing a fun deck.

That’s all for this week! I hope you enjoyed reading, and thank you. Hope to see y’all again next week for something more competitive!