The Standard Pauper Show, Issue 20

Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

Round 4 of the Gauntlet has ended, and the Standard Pauper League is going strong!


Brennon’s deck list: Gary’s Cruise

Sam’s deck list: Jeskai Storm

Don’t forget to look for your League matches again this week!

Also, vote back your favorite Gauntlet deck:
MPDC 27.05
17 November 2014
Standard · 16 Players
15 Decks · ~94% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by gwyned

1st LTA ALT by Fimbulvetrr
2nd Looses to flood by MyGalaxy
T4 IZZET CONTROL by Maltercio
T4 BW Heroic by Torreth
T8 Deck not found** by evolver3
T8 Aspect of the Bear (stompy) by FlxEx
T8 Titan’s Dragonskullcleaver by Pie_Master
T8 All Aboard! by rremedio1

Cruise Watch: 2014
1st Place: 3 Cruise
2nd Place: 0 Cruise
3rd Place: 4 Cruise
4th Place: 3 Cruise
Top 8: Unknown (shame shame shame)
Top 8: 0 Cruise
Top 8: 0 Cruise
Top 8: 2 Cruise

Far different this week than last.

Section 2: The Winning Deck

Standard · Unclassified
1st by Fimbulvetrr in MPDC 27.05 (6-0)

4 Disciple of Phenax
4 Gray Merchant of Asphodel
3 Disowned Ancestor
3 Mardu Skullhunter
3 Nimbus Naiad
3 Typhoid Rats
2 Benthic Giant

4 Debilitating Injury
3 Read the Bones
3 Treasure Cruise
2 Feast of Dreams
2 Pharika’s Cure
1 Font of Return

12 Swamp
4 Dismal Backwater
4 Evolving Wilds
3 Island

4 Negate
4 Mind Rot
2 Eternal Thirst
2 Feast of Dreams
2 Pharika’s Cure
1 Font of Return

Here is what I really like about this deck:

Mmmm dat curve…
I think mana curve will be vitally important until the meta changes significantly.

Why yes, I would like to keep this hand. Some life gain, some removal, some card draw. Everything a growing boy needs. Though these days I am growing horizontally instead of vertically.

Now let’s look at the next six cards:

Now what do you think of the next 6? That rat goes a long way towards fending off the giant hexproof guys. During my league match, I would have killed for some deathtouch. My greatest downfall was the inability to interact with deathtouch and single point removal. Tokens are a killer when you have no sweepers.

The next league match is going to be a bit different. I will not be using Gary’s Delve. Is it good? Yes. Does it do what I want it to do? No. I am going for a sleeker, more streamlined approach to the next match. I wonder who it will be against?

What are your thoughts on League deck choices?