Community League #3: Top 8

Hello my league-ish friends!

We’ve made it to the Top 8, and we’re still on track to finish this thing before the (American) holidays are upon us! Thanks to everyone who has participated, and congratulations to those of you who made it into the top 8. A quick reminder on prize support, now that I have the attention of at least 8 of you.

Prize Support

I am guaranteeing at least $50 in prize support to the top three players IF we make our Extra Life goal of $200 by the time the event is over. That means you have less than a week to make a donation! Money goes to support local children’s hospitals. We are just over halfway to our goal, so help out if you can!

You can donate and support the MagicGatheringStrat hero of your choice here.

Standings after four weeks of Swiss

Here are the standings after our four weeks of Swiss play. Congratulations to DrChrisBakerDC and JorgeJacoh, the only two players who went 4-0 in Swiss!


Rules for Top 8

This is single-elimination top 8. You can switch decks between rounds if you want.

Our goal is to finish all the rounds by next Friday if possible, or at least by the end of next weekend. Please communicate well and often.

It remains the responsibility of the winner to report in the comments to this post. Please do so as soon as your match is finished, if possible.

I’ve created a “bronze match” to determine third place, which is simply a matter of prestige but may be more significant if prize support is turned on.

Most of all, have fun!

Top 8: Pairings

Here is the bracket and the round one pairings. Keep checking in here or on the Events page for standings. I will update as results come in. You may play your round 2 match as soon as the pairing is available, regardless of whether or not everyone has completed their round 1 matches.


I know this can be hard to read on mobile, so I will also post match-ups below.

Round 1

  1. DrChrisBakerDC (W) vs avery61
  2. moromete vs bava (W)
  3. JorgeJacoh vs ShiftingShadows (W)
  4. najay1 (W) vs Vaultboyhunter

Round 2

  1. DrChrisBakerDC vs bava (W)
  2. ShiftingShadows vs najay1

Round 3

  1. bava vs ???

Good luck!