Community League #3, Week Four

Howdy leaguers!

With only one week left in Swiss, there are still 16 players in contention who can make it into the Top 8! Good luck to everyone, and even if you can’t make Top 8, I hope you all enjoy this last week of Standard Pauper in the league. Did you get to play with new people? Did you enjoy the format? What do you think of this shorter event cycle? Tell me in the comments!

Prize Support

We are at $105 in donations to Extra Life. We need $95 more in donations before the end of the event to turn on prize support! I am guaranteeing $50 in prize support to the top 3 if we make our goal.

You can donate here.

Bava vs Gwyned

I stopped cruising with Gary this week and got a little more aggressive, running RW Heroic from DrChrisBakerDC’s list here. Gwyned was running UB Control. Here is how it played out.

MagicGatheringStrat2 vs Rahrahrah

Peyton ran Jeskai tokens against Bill, who was also running RW Heroic.

Week Four Match-Ups

Here are the match-ups for week four. Get in touch early, communicate well, and fight hard!


Good luck, have fun!