The Pauper Gauntlet, Season Two: Top 10

We are almost ready to enter the endgame of the second season of the Pauper Gauntlet. Before we do so, I wanted to share with you the results so far and explain to you what The Top 10 Playoff is.

Without further ado, here are the results of the Pauper Gauntlet.

Decks eliminated before round seven

Only three decks out of 77 lost during double elimination (R1+2): Pox, Deathtouch, Dumb Green Tron

Round three

The early losers were Icy Hot Hottie, Illusory Tricks, Love Train, AzoriusKitty by ShaffaWaffa5, Mono Black Control, 1-Land-Spy, Allies, CawBlade, Cogs, Dimir Cipher Tricks, GruulKitty, GW Beatdown, Hobo Omelette, Glass Cannon Red, Izzet Splice and Burn, Metalcraft, Midnight Presence, Mono Green Devotion, Mono Red Kuldotha Tron, People of the Sun, Pesky Clerics, RG Madness, Rise of the Legionaire, Rot Wolf Control, Shock the Kitty, Slivers, Thunder Trees, Turbo Fog, UB Creatureless Control, WatchRites, White Hot Hottie (31 decks)

Round four

UB Trinket Control, Delver, BeastDown, Tron, Izzet Control, Croca Jund, Crypt Songs, Elf Bomb, Hexproof, Golgari Undead Dredge, Infect, Squawks to Plowshares, Squawk Rites, Thallid Bowel Control, UG Madness, Zoo.

The voteback

You decided that Love Train, TurboFog and Illusory Tricks deserved a second chance at glory.

Round five

Devil Children lost to Affinity 0-2
Dimir Teachings lost to Affinity 1-2
Five Color Green gets its enchanted lands destroyed by RG Land Destruction 0-2
Gray Mercenaries of Asphodel lost to Affinity 1-2
Mana Burn lost to Delver 1-2
Mono Blue Artifacts lost to RUG Tron 0-2
Mono Red Ping lost to Izzet Trinket 0-2
Persistently Undying lost to Izzet Cruise Control 0-2
Project X got run over by DelverFiend 0-2
Turbo Fog lots to Obzens playing AzoriusTron 0-2

Round six

Bant Presence lost to DelverFiend 0-2
Illusory Tricks lost to Burn 0-2
Love Train lost the unlikely mirror match 1-2
Mono Black Land Destruction lost to Affinity 0-2
MUC lost to Affinity 0-2
Tortured Toolbox lost to Winter Zoo 0-2


Round seven turned into a bloodbath. Only half the decks survived! That was unexpected, to say the least.

AzoriusKitty lost to Affinity 0-2. Yes, it was Eredion again. That guy is a Gauntlet killer!
BorosKitty lost to Burn 0-2. The champion has fallen!
DelverFiend lost to Boros Metalcraft 0-2
Goblins lost to Surucucu playing RG Aggro 1-2
Green Grifters lost to Affinity 0-2
Green One was defeated by Izzet Tron 0-2
Rebel Grind lost to Izzet Tron 0-2

The winners that are about to enter round 8

Only seven decks remain. That means that these seven decks are in the top 10! Why is that important? Well, the top 10 decks are automatically qualified for the third season of the Pauper Gauntlet (if there is such a thing)

But these decks are winners! They are all champions already! Let me show you their great triumph!

Affinity beats Esper Control 2-1

BUGs & Pigs defeats BUG Slivers 2-0

Burn defeats DelverFiend 2-1

Exhume Control defeats … another ShaffaWaffa deck you know and love!

Familiars beats Zoo Hexproof 2-1 despite 7 mulligans!

Mono Red Heroic beats Hexproof 2-1

Stompy defeats 1-land-spy 2-0

These seven decks will start to play round 1 on the first day of 2015.

Wait? That’s a whole week from now! What about the weekly rounds? Well, we have some other business to attend to.

The top 10 Playoff

The seven decks that lost in round 7 will now have to play a whole mini-gauntlet with three winners to determine which three decks belong in the top 10 with the winners. This mini-guantlet can be several rounds of action until three clear winners remain, but be not afraid – I promise you it will all be done by New Year and that by December 31st we will konw which three decks take the 8th, 9th and 10th place in this season of the Pauper Gauntlet.

So, to remind you, the competitors for the last three spots in the top 10 are

Green Grifters
Green One
Rebel Grind

Other stuff

I have a secret. When I write this TWO of the top 7 decks are still unclaimed in the competition! That is pretty strange IMHO. Maybe you all placed your bets a bit early.

What is the Pauper Gauntlet and what are the rules?

Full list of the 77 Pauper Gauntlet decks for the second season.

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