The Standard Pauper Show, Issue 22

Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

Well, without Dan, the show is a little less lively. It appears we need some Swedish spices to flavor up this pauper show. What would be a Swedish spice? There has to be some secret ingredient in those meatballs.

Section 2: Not Pauper…

Since I was sick this week I didn’t have a lot of time for this article. I put my efforts into the YouTube show so I hope you watched it.

What I want to talk about though, is Modern.

Did you watch the World Championship this weekend? If you did, I hope you like Jeskai. Because Jeskai was all up in that coverage.

This leads me to my topic.

“Modern has become unmanageable and will become a detriment to all future card development.”

There, I said it. Though fun, if the community forces Wizards to continue to support this as a format, future card sets will be held back and become boring. I am not calling for bans. I am not calling for the abolition of a format. I am saying it is time to cut it off.

That’s right. Modern should start with 8th Edition and end with Khans Block. I think ending with M15 would be better for the format but that may be too much to ask.

Here are the reasons:

  • Standard will not change.
  • The current Modern card base is huge, it is in no desperate need to expand.
  • This will not affect Legacy or Vintage unless we really really want to go deep with reprints.
  • Imagine being able to print really old cards because there is no fear of them going crazy in Modern.
  • This would not affect supplemental sets like Modern Masters IV: The Moderning. Also, cards could be brought into the format through these supplemental sets after further testing.
  • Design space would be wide open. You would free the dev team to explore all manner of interactions. All the lessons learned could make all future sets a shining beacon of streamlined design and ultra playability. You want Urza’s Saga redone without the super broken cards? Now you have opened yourself up to that possibility.
  • With the next set being about saving Ugin, the entire Magi-Verse is primed for a reboot. New Alara! New Mirrodin! New Kamigawa? Heck, why not?

Now I have taken a lot of flack from community mouthpieces for speaking out about bans and basic design before. And I am looking forward to more of it now. This proposal is different than all my previous postulations. I am asking for only one thing. Lets just start fresh.

I will not come up with a name for the new format. Modern 2 sounds boring and extended has already been used. I will let the good people of the internet come up with a name. Please use your power wisely. “Dickbutt” is not a name we want to use on ESPN 8: The Ocho during Worlds coverage.