‘Tis the Season: Gaming for Charity

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to talk about charity. If you’re looking for some good Pauper content, I suggest you go read this.

Earlier this year, Dan, Peyton, and I all spent time streaming to raise money for local children’s hospitals through the Extra Life Game Day. We had a lot of fun and we raised a little money, but we only got about halfway to our goal.

So, this is the last time I’ll ask, but I hope you’ll consider supporting us. If you think of the great content we provide, for free, here on the site and over on our YouTube channel, perhaps you will find it a worthy investment to chip in on our behalf. Our team goal is to raise just $200 before the end of the year. It’s completely reachable.

Below are videos of our streams: Peyton’s and Dan’s as they happened; mine I cut up into more digestible chunks. Check them out and please donate to support Extra Life if you are able. Even $2 helps support a great cause and gets us closer to our goal.

Donate here.

Thank you.

Bava’s Stream for the Extra Life Game Day


Donate here.

Dan’s stream for the Extra Life Game Day


Donate here.

Peyton’s stream for the Extra Life Game Day


Donate here.

Thank you for your support!