Last week I reviewed my Ad Nauseam deck and detailed why I think it will be good post-bannings. I still feel true to my word. The bannings for January 19th have finally been revealed and I have to say that I’m very happy with the decisions. Formats now can be renewed and a new beginning has come, and one such deck was possibly given the chance to still rise in the ranks of Modern’s glorious gauntlet. Jeskai Ascendancy can still shine and, seeing Birthing Pod has kicked the bucket, Jeskai Control can now return from the brink.

With Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Timenow banned, the deck becomes a lot slower. So is playing things like Thought Scour and Izzet Charm still worth it? Possibly, but probably not as much now. Fatesticher and Faerie Conclaves are still our main nightmare fuel to get the combo going. However, Wind Zendikon has seen some play in the Legacy version and now with some space to fill up, why not try it in Modern?

Here is a rough draft of a list I’ve come up with. This hasn’t been tested yet, but I will try it out in the near future.

Next Level Ascendancy

Creatures (4)

Spells (35)
Jeskai Ascendancy
Serum Visions
Gitaxian Probe
Lightning Bolt
Path to Exile
Thought Scour
Izzet Charm
Telling Time
Wind Zendikon
Gut Shot
Lands (21)
Faerie Conclave
Flooded Strand
Hallowed Fountain
Sacred Foundry
Scalding Tarn
Seachrome Coast
Steam Vents
Celestial Colonnade

Sideboard (15)
Deceiver Exarch
Splinter Twin
Swan Song
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker

Not having tested this version of the deck yet, I feel like it isn’t in its prime but it’s a start.

Peek lets us draw additional cards at instant speed without paying life and gives us a leg on what the opponent is up to. It also allows us to keep up Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt on turn one so we can be more reactive to our opponents.

Remand is still good to stop our opponent from developing his board state, but Telling Time lets us dig further at instant speed to insure we can get our combo pieces on time in case the opponent is playing anything we don’t need to worry about.

Wind Zendikon insures we have some other way to combo off – a backup plan. It still triggers Ascendancy while comboing off so its possibly we may want more. The same goes for Celestial Colonnade in that it acts as a slow win condition but also serves to let us combo off. It’s very mana intensive, but its there and should be respected in how it can push our late game clock.

Gut Shot also gives us a way to let us trigger our Jeskai Ascendancy faster and gives us more mana with things like Gitaxian Probe, though I’m compelled to play things like Lightning Helix over it. The lifegain is really nice, but Gut Shot lets us kill mana dorks like Birds of Paradise and even problem cards like Young Pyromancer.

The sideboard is transformational and this is an option that I feel more geared towards. Some like the straight Young Pyromancer package but with the bannings he doesn’t seem to be as good, though he remains a win condition nonetheless. Monastery Mentor is a possible inclusion with or replacement for the young wizard, but it’s probably too slow. Sure, it can make bigger dudes later in the game, but it just dies to all sorts of removal that we can’t answer effectively.

We have a Gifts Ungiven package to get Iona, Shield of Emeria or Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite alongside Unburial Rites to lock our opponents out of the game, but it feels like it is a sideboard option used too often and people will honestly plan for.

Silence feels like it can be a good sideboard inclusion to grant us a way around control decks, but that’s what the Gigadrowse is also there for. It’s difficult for our opponent to counter and play around us if we can manage to tap down all their lands. A trick to remember is when you cast Gigadrowse and replicate it, if you opponent is impatient with a Counterflux they can counter the gigadrowse, even with overload. However, they have to wait for the Replicate triggers to resolve. So make sure when you cast Gigadrowse and see a following overloaded Counterflux, just smile and say, “Sure, my Gigadrowse is countered. My replicate trigger resolves?” Its a bit like Cascade – just don’t be impatient. It is silly to point out, but cute all the same.

Another sideboard option we can think about having is Geist of Saint Traft, especially since Jeskai Control will most likely be on the rise due to the new bannings. Sure, the list loses Dig Through Time itself, but with Birthing Pod now leaving the format, there isn’t much stopping it. Pod was its worst matchup and Jeskai Control can more than likely dominate the metagame. Geist lets us dodge control’s removal while still having burn and dig spells for the late game. If they have an answer for Geist, it might already be too late for them.

The transformational sideboard into Splinter Twin allows us to kill the opponent when they least expect it. If they tap out turn three without us having a Fatesticher in the yard or Jeskai Ascendancy in play, they might be thrown off balance when we just slam Deceiver Exarch or a Pestermite and show them the Splinter Twin for the game. It’s something I want to test out to hopefully allow us to trick the opponent, and who doesn’t like that?!

If that sideboard option doesn’t really tickle you, then it’s possible you want something more stable and diverse like this.

Sideboard (15)
Young Pyromancer
Wear // Tear
Torpor Orb
Geist of Saint Traft
Path to Exile
Hurkyl’s Recall
Vendilion Clique

This version is a bit transformational as well but still lets you grind out games instead of comboing off against tough matches. Young Pyromancer still works great with Jeskai Ascendancy and Geist of Saint Traft as noted lets us pressure our opponents. Hurkyl’s Recall is added because I’m pretty confident that Affinity will come back and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Vendilion Clique is good in the mirror and combo matches while applying pressure.

I’m not gonna lie – This feels like a weaker Jeskai Control and slower than Scapeshift. Though it never hurts to sit down and test a deck. Honestly, Modern is all about getting good with a deck you feel comfortable with. Most decks you just can’t pick up and instantly pilot. Many Modern decks take time and some dedication to truly know the ins and outs of a deck, and this deck might be just one of those. I use to play a ton of Jeskai Control when it was extremely popular, but I got bored of it so quickly because that’s just how I felt about control. I haven’t touched a control deck in some time and this is my first take on it. While Ad Nauseam sat in my backpack I was playing Jeskai Combo before the bannings and now I still want to give it a chance before I tuck it away and go back to drawing my entire deck the old fashion way (much quicker and more painful).

UR Storm might even be better than this list and I would have to say it is – afterall it was the first Modern deck I built and competitively played. This Jeskai Combo deck feels as if it’s going to be more difficult to pilot, seeing as you can’t just willy-nilly play the cards in your hand while discarding to Jeskai Ascendancy. It will take some time learning the deck but overall I’m comfortable in testing it out and hopefully making it work in the new Modern metagame. With UR Delver being pushed out of the format and Pod now getting the banhammer, it might be time for a new deck to completely shine and this might be the one. Not this list in particular, but possibly something along these lines. I believe the manadork version is now completely dead and shouldn’t even be looked upon (and it wasn’t honestly all that good in the first place).

Would you guys like to see some live footage of the deck if possible, or see me play it online as video coverage? If so let me know and I will try to make it happen!


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