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I remember when I started Magic, I bought a simple Izzet deck from my friend. It roughly costed me forty dollars and was full of decent stuff, but at the time I was amazed with the deck. It was all about slinging spells, killing creatures with Gelectrode, beating my opponent with Kiln Fiend and Wee Dragonauts, and eventually locking my opponent out of the game with Isochron Scepter and Counterspell.

My first change to the deck was adding a copy of Kaho, Minamo Historian. I remember loving what the card did.  For me, being able to search up any three instants from my deck and being able to cast them at will with her was mind blowing. I remember scouring card after card, trying to find a way to break this card wide open. These small things really brought me into the game and helped shape my future love of the Izzet and blue as a whole. So for this week, I’ve decided to take a look back at one of the first legendary creatures I’ve ever played with. Lets see what spells Kaho can conjure up for us.


A remembrance of times gone by, a simpler time, where casting instants and sorceries is all I wanted to do in Magic

Kaho, Minamo Historian (EDH)

Commander (1)
Kaho, Minamo Historian
Lands (37)
Temple of the False God
26 Snow-Covered Island
Scrying Sheets
Remote Isle
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
Myriad Landscape
Minamo, School at Water’s Edge
Lonely Sandbar
Halimar Depths
Coral Atoll
Boseiju, Who Shelters All
Arcane Lighthouse

Creatures (17)
Tidespout Tyrant
Talrand, Sky Summoner
Sun Quan, Lord of Wu
Kheru Spellsnatcher
Jalira, Master Polymorphist
It That Betrays
Inkwell Leviathan
Frost Titan
Elite Arcanist
Draining Whelk
Diluvian Primordial
Deadeye Navigator
Consecrated Sphinx
Blightsteel Colossus
Academy Elite

Instants (34)
Wipe Away
Turn to Frog
Telling Time
Spin into Myth
Spell Crumple
Ray of Command
Rapid Hybridization
Polymorphist’s Jest
Overwhelming Intellect
Mystical Tutor
Muddle the Mixture
Mizzium Skin
Last Word
Jace’s Ingenuity
Illusionist’s Gambit
Gather Specimens
Fact or Fiction
Domineering Will
Dig Through Time
Cyclonic Rift

Sorceries (3)

Artifacts (8)
Vedalken Shackles
Thran Dynamo
Thousand-Year Elixir
Sol Ring
Gilded Lotus
Eye of Ramos
Extraplanar Lens
Commander’s Sphere

This deck is a bit of an odd duck. Kaho’s ability is interesting and does add a toolbox type of feel to the deck. Its main win condition is getting out a large creature either by casting it, or by polymorphing into it. The deck doesn’t have many creatures in it, and most of the creatures that are in here are incredibly powerful and can attack opponents from multiple angles.

Talrand, Sky Summoner allows you to slowly build up an army and overwhelm them. Tidespout Tyrant can out tempo anything your opponent attempts to do by returning everything to their hand. Guile allows you to turn your opponents spells against them, which can usually get the job done. When brute force is all you need, Blightsteel Colossus, It That Betrays, Inkwell Leviathan, and Frost Titan will bury them.

Since this deck tends to be rather slow, you don’t really want to be aggressive in the early game. Just take your time and slowly build up your board state. Countering whatever spell is necessary is all you need to do in early game. Let your opponents duke it out while you sit on the sidelines until you are ready. Take your time, you will know when you are ready to step into the ring.

Kaho functions as this decks early game protection. She is exactly what you need in the first few turns, allowing you to protect yourself and answer whatever you need to in the early game. Being able to answer your opponents threats by turning them to frogs and simply blocking them with her is not just funny, its blues way of dealing with large creatures besides bouncing them. Only having access to blue really does limit your options, so you work with what you got. Sometimes turing a Wurmcoil Engine into a sheep is all you need to get the job done.

The addition of Polymorph to the deck goes a long way to hold it together. Being able to turn your Archaeomancer into a Blightsteel Colossus will immediately turn the game around in your favor. The random nature of this ability will not always get you what you want at the time, but the amount of large and powerful creatures will go a long way to assure you hit your mark. It’s a immensely cool mechanic that keeps the game interesting and fun. If the first Polymorph doesn’t get you what you want, you always have Jalira, Master Polymorphist as a back up to keep spinning the wheel and get that large creature to clean up the game.

Kaho, Minamo Historian is an interesting commander. She creates a fun and unique deck that is a bit difficult to build, but is ridiculously fun to play. Figuring out what you need at the right time to deal with whats being thrown at you is a rewarding feeling. It’s a thinking mans deck that can manage to be fun for pretty much anybody that picks it up.

Thank you for checking out this weeks Commander Corner. As always, leave a comment below if you have any recommendations for future commanders you want to see featured. Next week, we build a crew. Happy new year and I’ll see you next week my friends.

-Steven Gulsby

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