Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

Happy New Year!

No video this week.

Instead we have… SPOILERS!

Card Brennon’s Thoughts Sam’s Thoughts
This seems like a great card. Prowess is strong and it replaces itself. But 1/1’s see a lot of hate   Great Card, one of only 7 2 drop creatures, and probably the most effective, works well in a 1-2 curve deck, which are by far the most effective decks in the format. Great in White Blue Heroic, and Red White Blue storm.
null Ok, Tombstalker without flying, 1 bigger than mandrils, 1 less to cast than shambling attendants. Are 5/5’s for 7 a big player in this format? I like that it kills the two big hexproof dudes, but only if they don’t have evasion. A big dumb 5/5, even for cheap, might not have a place.  So yeah, 5/5 for less is good, but even casting this for 4 you still just end up with a vanilla dude that is probably going be outclassed by heroic creatures. After Theros rotates Delve may go up. I am surprised that Delve  made its way to Fate Reforged, as only Treasure Cruise is truly playable.
I am super stoked for the Dash mechanic. A quasi unblockable 3/2 with haste ofr 2R is pretty freaking awesome. Cannot wait for more Dash-ers, or dancers, or prancers or even vixens.  Its Vashino Sandstalker. At common. For one less red. I love Dash even if this card isn’t super relevant with the much more on curve Heroic dudes running around. The can’t block clause is super cool though. Red is making blocking harder and harder.
The potential to have a 4/3 for 3 is really tempting. I like this card in a stompy shell. Heck maybe some crazy Simic build will show up with prowess triggering ferocious.  3/2 is on curve. I have yet to see Ferocious get triggered in a Standard Pauper game. Playing these after you play your 5-6 cost 4/4 seems bad. If only this was off curve from Alpine Grizzly. 
What’s more confusing than Morphs? Having a different kind of Morph! Seriously, this is going to be a judging nightmare. I can see how cheating in cards with unfortunate casting requirements or ETB effects could be really good. However, not many things like that in Standard Pauper. I don’t thing this will be very good for us unless we will be getting a lot of cards with draw backs. I think this is an interesting card. It can turn your useless late game lands into 2/2 creatures. Of course random 2/2 creatures are way less relevant into the late game. I like this card way better at instant. As a sorcery it probably won’t see play. Raise the Alarm is way better.
Ok, same as above. However, surprise bears is kind of cool. They are not tokens so unsummon effects have minimal effect. Possible legacy format implications. I think that this could be good in some kind of prowess build though. Not often do you get spell triggers off creatures.  Better at instant speed. The question for me is at 5 mana what cards in your deck are worse then turning two random cards from the top of your deck into 2/2 creatures. Also Simic isn’t really a color combo in Standard Pauper. Nor are Midrangeish control decks. So yeah. Coolish card without a home.
I like this one probably more than I should. I have visions of Sand Scour dancing in my head! 2/3 for 3 is meh at best. Was Orzhov Euthanist a think in Standard Pauper back in the day? Was Standard Pauper even a thing in Ravnica block? I love cards with Modes to them. I like the 2/3 for 3 in Black. I am not sure that the second mode is really all that great. No source of damage in the format like a Viridian Longbow or a Pinger. Way better then Witches Familiar, or Felhide Minotaur.


Section 2: Budget Modern

If you have been following the Pauper Gauntlet, you know that Mono Red Heroic has been tearing up the competition. It is a deck the I really like and I think it could go further. Currently, it is in Round 8 as it made it to the Top 10. This also means it has an automatic entry into the next Gauntlet. Lets take a quick look at the deck:

Creatures (29)
Akroan Crusader
Goblin Bushwhacker
Goblin Cohort
Goblin Shortcutter
Jackal Familiar
Mogg Conscripts
Satyr Hoplite
Foundry Street Denizen

Spells (14)
Dragon Mantle
Furor of the Bitten
Reckless Charge

Land (17)
17 Mountain
Sideboard (15)
Bloodfire Dwarf
Brute Force
Flaring Pain
Forge Devil
Gorilla Shaman
Volcanic Strength

This deck is violent and demands early answers. So what does this have to do with Modern? Well, if you look closely, only 5 cards are not modern legal. I just felt this type of budget deck could be made into a lean mean modern machine with a few additions. So, I went to the source and asked the man himself, JPHSnake if he had some time to give this some thought. Jack is such a cool guy, I hope you all watched him dominate in the King of the Nerds show on TBS, he came back the same night with a slick list of 75:

Creatures (24)
Akroan Crusader
Figure of Destiny
Foundry Street Denizen
Monastery Swiftspear
Rakdos Cackler
Satyr Hoplite
Stromkirk Noble

Spells (19)
Coordinated Assault
Dragon Mantle
Furor of the Bitten
Lightning Bolt

Land (17)
17 Mountain
Sideboard (15)
Smash to Smithereens
Spark Jolt

Ok, without looking it up, can you guess what the most expensive card in this list is?

I’ll give you a minute to think… In the mean time, here is another picture of my cat:


Smash to Smithereens at $5

Here is the deck in action:

Some suggestions have been made to add Legion Loyalist over Stromkirk and add some number of goblin bushwhacker.

What do you think?

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