Announcing Community League #4: Standard Silverblack

Hi everyone!

Thanks to the amazing support of our patrons, I am happy to announce our fourth community league event. The format will be:

Standard Silverblack

community league 4 banner

In addition to this league, so long as our patrons keep coming through, we are now guaranteeing bi-monthly league events! That’s right, a new league every two months, guaranteed.

Here’s the thing, though.

This may be the last public league event. I’m not sure yet, but the reward does say “patron-exclusive” and I want to reward the people that are helping us live the dream. Running a league takes a lot of time and energy (as many of you know), so we also need to make sure that the investment has some payoff.

The biggest payoff is and always will be building a community around the Magic formats we love.

We’re seeking new partnerships and finding new ways to bring amazing content to an international audience. We love doing that, and we love the community that we have built up so far.

We don’t want to sacrifice that, and we won’t. So I want to ask you all, what seems fair?

Here are some options:

Option 1

Keep the bi-monthly leagues open to all, and find a different way to compensate our patrons.

Option 2

Keep the bi-monthly leagues open to all, but only people who are patrons will be able to win prizes.

Option 3

Make future league events patron-only. $2 per month is not too much to ask for great articles, videos, and player-run events.

What do you think? Pick a choice in the form at the bottom of this page, and weigh in down in the comments.

Sign up for the league

While you’re down there in the comments, sign up for league #4, Standard Silverblack!

To sign up, provide your MTGO username, your real name (or preferred pseudonym), and your time zone.

Registration closes on Thursday, March 12. Pairings will go up on the 13th, and you’ll have a week to get your matches in. We’ll continue to have weekly articles and there will be a place in the forums to discuss the format, matches, and more.

Weigh In

We want to do right by everyone, so share your thoughts.