Community League #4: Standard Silverblack, Week 2

community league 4 banner

Hey gang!

Check out last week’s article for a reminder on rules, reporting, and prize payouts.

I will send out one more email today, but it will be the last one for this event! In the future check out the events page to get updates.

Week One for Bava

I played Mono-Black Devotion in week one. I feel like it’s viable, but I stumbled a few too many times against UW Heroic. No edict effects is a big deal. I may run the list again for week 2; the removal is so good and the wincons are real.

Here are some videos: my official league match, some practices matches with the same list, and then Brennon playing a practice match against Roberto.


What have you guys been playing and how has it gone? Respond in the comments below, or use the league forum!

Gwyned wrote an article about the format. You should check that out, too.

Week Two Pairings

With further ado, here they are. If you have any questions, get in touch.


Good luck, have fun!