Community League #4: Standard Silverblack, Week 3

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Hey gang!

Check out the week one article for a reminder on rules, reporting, and prize payouts.

There are no more email reminders so hopefully you all made it here to read this, anyway.

Week Two for Bava

I updated my list slightly from week one (mono black devotion) and played it with updates against rremedio1 for week two. The deck performed much better with the updates and I was able to edge out a win two games to one. Roberto was playing a Sultai control list around [c]Temur Sabertooth[/c], which is super-strong. Here is the video:

What have you guys been playing and how has it gone? Respond in the comments below, or use the league forum!

Week Three Pairings

With further ado, here they are. If you have any questions, get in touch.


Looks like it’s me vs Dan for week three. Expect a video from both sides!

Good luck, have fun!