Dragons of Tarkir Commander Set Review

DRAGONS! Dragons! Dragons! Dragons! Dergons! Dargons! Dagons! Mehrunes Dagon? Skyrim? Skyrim has dragons! Welcome to ADHD: the Gathering!

“Original Dragon.”

shivan dragon

First off, Magic is a game of many formats. Most sets these days are designed for the most played formats: sealed and standard. Therefore most cards are not designed for commander. I won’t go over every card, but I will chat about the ones that look fun or powerful or ones that I believe will probably let you down.

Second thing I want to say is that I will mention [c]Scion of the Ur-Dragon[/c] a LOT. I know many builds exist from casual to [c]Hermit Druid[/c] combo and I have played against many different ones. All I will say about the style you should play is: have fun with your deck.

[c]Dragonlord Dromoka[/c]: Elder dragons are back with a vengeance! This dragon is adept at protecting you and just swinging for damage. Her ability to sop your opponents from messing with you makes her a very viable commander. Even if you do not like her that much I think you should give at least one of these Elder Dragons a chance considering they are the reason this format exists. So give it a try for new old times’ sake. Or is it old new times’ sake. So confused.

[c]Dragonlord Ojutai[/c]: Flying card selection is amazing. This guy is as majestic as they get. Attack for damage to draw cards. Everything is awesome about this card. Commander quality for sure.

[c]Dragonlord Kolaghan[/c]: Look, we all know his paragraph of text at the bottom of the card is irrelevant in commander, but he is [c]Fervor[/c] on a flier. That is powerful. Most every equipment makes him a three shot in the commander damage department too. Scion decks looking to cast [c]Living Death[/c] might like him too. Might.

[c]Dragonlord Atarka[/c]: [c]Bogardan Hellkite[/c] with +3/+3, trample, and a sweet set of antlers for one less mana! She can attack for 24 commander damage in three turns. Definitely a lethal damsel. She is large and in charge. Clears the skies and invokes fears. Did I mention the sweet antlers?

[c]Dromoka’s Command[/c]: Many modes on each of these commands. I will talk about all of them at once. They are extremely versatile cards that can often be two for ones. Commander has a lot of weird scenarios so even the cheaper, more specific ones will likely come up. People do play the single colored commands that I think are not very good so regardless of what I think of the power of some of these, I know they can and should see play on versatility alone.

[c]Ruthless Deathfang[/c]: So great with [c]Grimgrin, Corpse-Born[/c]. Just a cheaper [c]Butcher of Malakir[/c] in that kind of deck.

[c]Duress[/c]: I know it has been printed before, but she looks so angry… No she did not make me mention this card. Please… she roared SO loudly. Just play the card before she roars at me again.

[c]Clone Legion[/c]: Much less powerful than Rite of Replication. I know it looks better, but it is not as good at exploiting enters the battlefield abilities.

[c]Risen Executioner[/c]: It is a lord, but…he costs so much to recast from the graveyard. I guess at least you have the option. Regardless a lord is a lord. All hail tribal!

[c]Surrak, the Hunt Caller[/c]: Too small, play Kamahl. I still believe [c]Kamahl, Fist of Krosa[/c] is the best way to go about aggressive green. Looks cool, but will probably be a flop.

[c]Deathbringer Regent[/c]: [c]Reiver Demon[/c] supplement. The dragon is much better in black heavy play groups.

[c]Blessed Reincarnation[/c]: Fun polymorph/removal effect.

[c]Berserker’s Onslaught[/c]: Hey Philip! Put this in Aurelia. Seriously. Quad damage. This is a very potent card in aggressive decks. Not as good if most of your creatures only have one power, but good nonetheless.

[c]Explosive Vegetation[/c]: Hey! New commander players! Play this card!

[c]Illusory Gains[/c]: Every chaos player should know about this card. Embrace the Chaos!

[c]Living Lore[/c]: Weird card. Looks like fun. It has some combos with reanimation spells.

[c]Foul Renewal[/c]: Value train. Combos well with [c]Chancellor of the Spires[/c].

[c]Volcanic Vision[/c]: Target Plague Wind. Win. Perfect for a powerful late game control deck like [c]Nicol Bolas[/c]. That is where I am putting the first one I get.

[c]Sight of the Scalelords[/c]: Not [c]Craterhoof Behemoth[/c], but Craterhoof costs a lot of cash and only happens once. Will I play it in my green decks? No. Would I blame you for it? No.

[c]Sarkhan’s Triumph[/c]: Great card for [c]Kaalia of the Vast[/c] or just a casual dragons deck.

[c]Dragon Whisperer[/c]: Big dude attack opponent. Big dude make more big dudes.

[c]Damnable Pact[/c]: Extremely potent draw spell. This may not be Necropotence, but it is way more likely to resolve. This can also kill an opponent. This sweet draw spell should be an auto include for any mono black commander other than [c]Erebos, God of the Dead[/c].

[c]Zephyr Scribe[/c]: Here we have another powerful card selection tool from the Jeskai clan. This guy will be awesome every time you cast him. It is going straight into my Nicol Bolas Deck.

[c]Hedonist’s Trove[/c]: Because of how lands work in commander you will never be able to cast spells that are not in your commanders’ color profile. I recommend against putting this in a mono black list. Otherwise, it looks like a lot of fun.

[c]Dragon Tempest[/c]: All hail Scion of the Ur-Dragon. This is a sweet card for any red flier’s deck. [c]Kaalia of the Vast[/c] is going to use this to great effect.

[c]Radiant Purge[/c]: Great removal that will always have a target.

[c]Blood-Chin Fanatic[/c]: Hey Kresh players! [c]Kresh, the Bloodbraided[/c] is a Warrior! Three mana 3/3 with a built in fling for Kresh? Sounds awesome!

[c]Shaman of the Forgotten Ways[/c]: He taps to cast [c]Biorhythm[/c]. [c]Biorhythm[/c] is banned. Do not spend much cash on this guy because I sense a fall of the Ban Hammer. But hey, until then it should be fun to kill people like commander players of old did.

[c]Profound Journey[/c]: I have no idea how good this is. I suspect it will probably not be as good as [c]Sun Titan[/c] but that is a pretty high bar. I really do not know. Art is pretty though.

[c]Sidisi, Undead Vizier[/c]: I do not like open ended tutors in my decks. Repeatable ones are the worst offenders in my opinion because I like diverse games. That said, this card is very good and will play well in zombie strategies and control strategies. Sweet with [c]Trading Post[/c] due to the cheap creatures to sacrifice. Goats vs. Zombies is a great name for the next hit video game. Just saying. Just. Saying.



[c]Narset Transcendant[/c]: Absolutely god tier planeswalker for commander control decks. Starts with six loyalty, draws cards better than [c]Domri Rade[/c] does in devoted strategies, and let’s not forget how absurd Rebound is. She is just so powerful. Also, I have a new favorite artist. Sorry Raymond Swanland.


“Deal with it!”

[c]Sarkhan Unbroken[/c]: First, a brief aside… Look, I know he time traveled, but that does not constitute making a character blue. Karn is still colorless! Back to the card. Holy cheese bagels batman! This guy just straight up draws cards! Narset suddenly looks a little feebler. Whatever deck you put this in will love it. I do not feel the need to justify this guy. He is just SO good! He also makes 4/4 fliers? “Mom? Are they allowed to make magic cards this good? They are? Dang.” All my decks suddenly feel like they have a five-drop shaped hole in them. This is so unsettlingly good. Did I mention this card is good?

[c]Haven of the Spirit Dragon[/c]: [c]Scion of the Ur-Dragon[/c] and [c]Kaalia of the Vast[/c]. Nuff said.

Well that wraps up my set review! Hope you guys enjoyed it! Got some different opinions about the cards I mentioned? Post them below! Think I should have mentioned a card? Say so below! See ya next week!