Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

I really like the Glaring Aegis. It speaks to me and my love of value.

Section 2: Player run events

MPDC 28.04
16 March 2015
Standard · 14 Players
10 Decks · ~71% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 4 playoff
Hosted by gwyned

1st Heroic cruise* by Forli
2nd UW* by Yaxarell
T4 Men In Light Blue* by Adner
T4 Grixis Merchant of Asphodel* by rremedio1

Well, since the only thing new in the top 4 is a Grixis deck, let’s look at what Roberto has for us!

Cruise Watch: 2015
1st Place: 4 Cruise
2nd Place: 3 Cruise
3rd Place: 2 Cruise
4th Place: 3 Cruise

Ok, now for the deck:

Grixis Merchant of Asphodel by Rremedio

Creatures (20)
Gurmag Angler
Black Cat
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Pharika’s Chosen
Generator Servant
Disciple of Phenax
Mnemonic Wall

Spells (17)
Lightning Strike
Rakshasa’s Secret
Tormenting Voice
Treasure Cruise
Voyage’s End
Peel from Reality
Unmake the Graves
Void Snare
Lands (23)
Bloodfell Caves
Dismal Backwater
Evolving Wilds
Swiftwater Cliffs

Sideboard (11)
Pharika’s Cure
Barrage of Boulders
Feast of Dreams
Voyage’s End
Disciple of Phenax
Rakshasa’s Secret

Now, lets look at an opening hand:

Turn 4 angler is pretty good, but is that fast enough? You have a bit of protection with voyage’s end. I am concerned this has too many high cost cards. You are years away from casting that treasure cruise.

Now let’s look at the next six cards:

So, what Dragons cards make this deck stronger?

What new cards make this deck weaker?

I would replace Void Snare with Sidisi’s Faithful. It can be a blocker if needed and it cannot be negated!

What do you think?

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