The MagicGatheringStrat Show, Ep. 5

Section 1: This week in Standard Pauper

Section 2: Player run events

MPDC 28.05
23 March 2015
Standard · 13 Players
10 Decks · ~77% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 4 playoff
Hosted by gwyned

1st heroismo* by kukikira
2nd BW Tokens Flood* by Ruthelis
T4 Heroic cruise* by Forli
T4 U/R Control* by Nagi_Bultra

Cruise Watch: 2015
1st Place: 0 Cruise
2nd Place: 0 Cruise
3rd Place: 4 Cruise
4th Place: 4 Cruise

Ok, now for the deck:

Since we have seen Boros heroic and WU heroic like every week, lets look at something slightly different:

Standard · Aggro-Combo
2nd by Ruthelis in MPDC 28.05 (4-1)
4 sandsteppe outcast
4 Loyal Pegasus
4 Mardu Hordechief
4 Selfless Cathar
2 Sungrace Pegasus
1 Cavalry Pegasus

4 harsh sustenance
4 Inspired Charge
4 Raise the Alarm
4 Read the Bones
4 Triplicate Spirits
1 Gods Willing

11 Plains
5 Swamp
4 Scoured Barrens

3 reach of shadows
3 sandblast
4 Oppressive Rays
2 Meditation Puzzle
2 Ajani’s Presence
1 Pillar of Light

Very cool that it is White Weenie splashing for Read the Bones and Harsh Sustenance.

Do you think there is room for: [c]Foul-Tongue Shriek[/c]? Seems tailor made for it.

Now, lets look at an opening hand:

Ideal turns:

Turn 1: Scoured Barrens
Turn 2: Selfless Cathar and Scoured Barrens
Turn 3: Plains and Sandsteppe Outcast making a token, attack for 1 with Cathar
Turn 4: Cast Triplicate Spirits
Turn 5: Harsh Sustenance for 6, opponent at 13, Swing for 6, opponent at 7
Turn 6: Sacrifice Cathar and swing for 11.

Now that is with nothing but the cards in your hand. Will that work? I guess if you only have 3 mana, that’s a pretty strong outcome.

Now let’s look at the next six cards:

No mana, but you have plays for days. This looks pretty strong.

If we decide to use [c]Foul-Tongue Shriek[/c], where would it go?

Personally, I would put it in place of [c]Inspired Charge[/c]. Yes, charge is a blow out. However, it doesn’t give you life and it costs double white and is a 4 cmc spell.

Lets look at that math above if we replace the charge with shriek.

On the draw, this would be your opening hand:

Turn 1: Scoured Barrens
Turn 2: Scoured Barrens, cast Selfless Cathar

Your hand looks like this:

Turn 3: Plains, Sandsteppe Outcast making a token, attack for 1 with Cathar.
Turn 4: Triplicate Spirits

Your hand looks like this:

Here is your board state:

boardstate 1

What do you do?

If you Harsh Sustenance for 6 and swing in, that is 13 damage.

If you double cast [c]Foul-Tounged Shriek[/c] and swing in, you gain 12 and they lose 12 and you potentially strike for 7 which would be lethal.

What would be the difference if you happen to have another plains, and Inspired Charge?

If you attack and cast charge, you strike in for 19 just like with the shriek, but you you gain no life.

If your opponent has blockers, they take no damage. With Shriek, they lose life regardless, same with Harsh Sustenance.

So which is better?