Community League #4: Standard Silverblack, Top 8

community league 4 banner

Hey gang!

Check out the week one article for a reminder on rules, reporting, and prize payouts.

There are no more email reminders so hopefully you all made it here to read this, anyway.

Week Four for Bava

I was feeling good about my list going into this week. Avery61 was on RDW and I had played the match-up once in practice and won handily. It wasn’t quite so easy this time, though. Here is the video:


What have you guys been playing and how has it gone? Respond in the comments below, or use the league forum!

Top 8 Pairings

We had a lot of non-reporting and non-communication happening, so I had to make some decisions at the end of week 4. Basically, people who communicated with me won vs people who did not (though I did always try and get in touch with both parties myself, first) and if neither play communicated they received a draw. Anyone who didn’t communicate in week 4 was not eligible to make it into the top 8.

Please remember that communication is the most vital aspect of running a league like this, and it makes my life a lot easier!

With further ado, here they are. If you have any questions, get in touch.


Our goal is to finish top 8 by the end of next weekend (April 19) and declare a winner.

Good luck, have fun!