Community League #4: Standard Silverblack, Week 4

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Hey gang!

Check out the week one article for a reminder on rules, reporting, and prize payouts.

There are no more email reminders so hopefully you all made it here to read this, anyway.

Week Three for Bava

Just some slight tweaks to my mono-black devotion list this week. [c]Child of Night[/c] was too awkward with [c]Drown in Sorrow[/c] so I cut her and added in a couple [c]Dead Drop[/c] though I really think that card is too clunky. I played against Dan in week 3, who was on the UW Heroic list that is very popular so far in this event. Here is the video:


I also played a fun practice match against _ShipIt_ running Mono Red Heroic / RDW. The big question in my MBC list is about [c]Ulcerate[/c] and, in general, all the shocks I give myself with the list. Surely that is a bad thing against aggressive lists like red? Let me know what you think.


What have you guys been playing and how has it gone? Respond in the comments below, or use the league forum!

Week Four Pairings

With further ado, here they are. If you have any questions, get in touch.


Good luck, have fun!