Mid-Week Pauper Meta Report: April 29, 2015

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This article courtesy Najay1 and is reprinted with his permission.

Not too much to announce other than the fact that I ranked the winners and losers this week. I had subliminally done so before, but I think putting rankings on it can create more discussion and is a bit more interesting. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


1. W / Wu Tokens – I combined these two decks as they really are very similar, the Wu version just runs Keep Watch in order to refill its hand. They also put up very similar results. Both decks had 3 3-1s and 1 1-X, the only difference being a lone pilot of W tokens 4-0ing. Together that lets them have a combined 78% cash rate and 68.5% win rate over 9 tries. This is one of the only weekends in which a deck has had better results than Delver with a decent amount of tries. In a meta that is filled with Affinity, MBC, and Delver, this is looking like a great meta call. On which one is better, I think Wu tokens is better just because of the current lack of counters and wealth of removal. It means that it can draw you 4-5 cards pretty easily and it probably will not cost you too much.

2. Delver – Well the old favorite had another outstanding week. Again it was 10% of the meta and again it put up just insane results. It had a cash rate of 58% and win rate of 60.5%. I’m not really sure how much I can say about this deck other than wonder why people stopped playing it. It had a few rough weeks at the start, but it has been back dominating the field. If you want to win, there is no other better option than Delver right now.

3. Rogue Players – Boros Kitty & WW & W Metalcraft – Almost every other top deck had either a bad or mediocre weekend (Stompy, Goblins, and UR Fiend all in the mediocre camp). The reason for it was that many rogues took up a lot of wins. Quick run of the numbers: Boros Kitty with 75% cash and 64.5% win in 4 tries; WW with 100% cash and 75% win in 2 tries; and UR Fiend Control with 33% cash and 58% win rate (the worst of the 3). A ton more decks had 33% cash rates as well. Despite Delver having the best records, this meta is not solved in any way. These results show that there is still room for success with rogues.



1. Esper Fae Combo – Oh how the mighty have fallen. From cries of bans to its current performance. 12.5% cash rate and 30% win rate. Yes, those are correct. The numbers on Esper Fae really beg the question of why it has suddenly become so bad. I do have a theory although. I had great success against Esper Fae before the banning with Affinity, it just had a quicker clock. Once you let Esper Fae get to T5/6 it can usually just win through disruption, but now it cannot get there close to as effectively. The introduction of more aggro into the format is crushing this deck. The control matchups are much worse too as MBC is a harder matchup than Delver or UR Control. I’m starting to think that the bad results from Esper Fae are not a fluke.

2. Affinity – I’ve talked about this deck before, but it is really having trouble now that it can’t prey on all the cruise decks. It had a 25% cash rate and a 37.5% win rate. I have to assume some of their struggle is also due to the sideboards. Gorilla Shaman is a more and more common appearance whereas one basically never saw it before. In addition, many Affinity decks are budget and aren’t packing enough Hydroblasts and Pyroblasts. Interesting to note how well it did in the PCT, placing 1st and 2nd. Sad to see this deck do so badly, but I do not think it is going to get better.

3. MBC – MBC had one or two big days, but it has not managed to put enough people in the money. This week 10 out of its 25 players went 2-2. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that MBC is a pretty consistent that usually racks up a win or two, but often isn’t strong enough to just sweep the table. It had a 24% cash rate and a 44% win rate. A sign of its potential failure is that it dropped to around 13% in popularity this week from the 20% it was hovering around. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it drop a bit more.

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Deck to Watch For

Burn – Burn had a decent week with a 40% cash rate and 50% win rate, but the real story is that it had 10 pilots. That made it the 6th most popular deck with about 5% of the meta. Burn has not shown up this much recently, but it has been growing. With a decent showing (better than all of the more popular decks with the exception of Delver), I am not too sure why it was so popular. It does tend to prey upon MBC and Affinity, so I wouldn’t be surprised that almost free wins against the 23% of field helps. This is really a meta deck, and we’ll see if the meta continues to play in its favor.

Brew of the Week

Bant Fog by Pierakor – The deck I really wanted to talk about was the Hexproof Ramp deck that has 3-1ed and 4-0ed, but I cannot find a decklist so if you have it, give me a shout. This deck was relatively popular in the cruise days and I was intrigued to see it do so well in the PCT as cruise was one of the central cards. The success is in part due to the pilot Pierakor who has had lots of success with the deck in the past and really knows the deck inside and out. If you want to check him out, he usually streams when he plays the deck which is quite interesting. Check it out.


Thanks to Tom the Scud – check out his Facebook and his Big Fat Spreadsheet.


PCT Results

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Here is the video of Pierakor rocking out with BantFog in the PCT event.