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So what does it mean to be a dragon in the context of Magic? Should a dragon just smash and burn everything into the ground? Should they do their best to teach their wisdom to other beings? Should they try to dominate the multiverse? Or should they do anything at all? The concept of what a dragon is can be a little vague. Each legendary dragon in Magic tends to carve its own path, leave its own mark.

Dragonlord Ojutai spends his time teaching his wisdom to his followers, while Dragonlord Atarka tends to just smash and eat everything in sight. The battle between the sinister Nicol Bolas and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon has been raging over a long period of time. Each dragon follows its own path, yet they all contain the same blood. The blood of the Ur-Dragon.

The Ur-Dragon is not a creature though, it is a concept. It is the pinnacle, the paragon of what it means to be a dragon. This concept is what Scion of the Ur-Dragon is. He is a manifestation of what it means to be a dragon. His blood courses through every dragons’ veins. He literally is every dragon in existence. The blood of the Ur-Dragon lives on in every dragon that has come and gone and every dragon that has yet come into being.

Scion of the Ur-Dragon is an interesting and flavorful design. The concept of the Ur-Dragon is shown very well with his ability. He allows you to search your library for any dragon and put it into your graveyard, then he becomes that dragon for the turn. This allows us to find the right dragon for the job, an ability that is extremely powerful and can easily swing the game in your favor. Outside of our commander, our deck is stuffed to the brim with powerful dragons that can crush our opponent in a quick fashion. As long as our mana is set up properly, we can crush almost anybody. Lets take a look at what the blood of the Ur-Dragon can give us.


The blood of the Ur-Dragon lives on…

Scion of the Ur-Dragon (EDH)

Commander (1)
Scion of the Ur-Dragon
Lands (19)
Ancient Ziggurat
Azorius Guildgate
Blood Crypt
Bloodstained Mire
Boros Guildgate
Breeding Pool
Cavern of Souls
City of Brass
Command Tower
Crucible of the Spirit Dragon
Dimir Guildgate
Flooded Strand
Forbidden Orchard
Godless Shrine
Golgari Guildgate
Grand Coliseum
Gruul Guildgate
Hallowed Fountain
Haven of the Spirit Dragon
Lands Cont. (18)
Izzet Guildgate
Mana Confluence
Maze’s End
Orzhov Guildgate
Overgrown Tomb
Polluted Delta
Rakdos Guildgate
Reflecting Pool
Rupture Spire
Sacred Foundry
Selesnya Guildgate
Simic Guildgate
Steam Vents
Stomping Ground
Temple Garden
Watery Grave
Windswept Heath
Wooded Foothills
Creatures (17)
Alloy Myr
Atarka, World Render
Balefire Dragon
Birds of Paradise
Bladewing the Risen
Broodmate Dragon
Courser of Kruphix
Dragonlord Atarka
Dragonlord Dromoka
Dragonlord Ojutai
Dragonlord Silumgar
Dragonlord’s Servant
Dragonspeaker Shaman
Dromoka, the Eternal
Gatecreeper Vine
Hellkite Overlord
Joiner Adept
Creatures Cont. (18)
Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
Keiga, the Tide Star
Kokusho, the Evening Star
Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury
Lotus Cobra
Nicol Bolas
Ojutai, Soul of Winter
Oracle of Mul Daya
Ryusei, the Falling Star
Scourge of Valkas
Silumgar, the Drifting Death
Somberwald Sage
Steel Hellkite
Sylvan Caryatid
Thunderbreak Regent
Utvara Hellkite
Weathered Wayfarer
Yosei, the Morning Star

Instants (8)
Lightning Bolt
Murderous Cut
Path to Exile
Sarkhan’s Triumph
Swords to Plowshares
Wear // Tear
Worldly Tutor
Sorceries (9)
Crux of Fate
Mizzium Mortars
Patriarch’s Bidding
Reap and Sow
Spoils of Victory
Tempt with Discovery
Tooth and Nail
Unburial Rites

Enchantments (1)
Crucible of Fire

Artifacts (8)
Chromatic Lantern
Coalition Relic
Commander’s Sphere
Darksteel Ingot
Golgari Signet
Gruul Signet
Sol Ring

Planeswalkers (1)
Sarkhan Unbroken

Cost: MTGO = 201.28 TIX | Paper = $584.98

Its hard to go wrong with this many dragons. After the first few turns, we can start pumping out threat after threat until our opponent has been crushed under our might. We also have a small amount of reanimation with Unburial Rites and Patriarch’s Bidding to fully take advantage of our commander, and also give us a fail safe just in case if the board is wiped clean.

To win, you just have to smash face. Its that simple. Stick a threat and turn it sideways. Doesn’t get much more simple than that. What makes this a little more challenging is finding the right dragon for the job. Many of our dragons do different things. For example, if we need to go wide, we have Utvara Hellkite which creates tons of dragons for us. If we need to simply go big, we have Hellkite Overlord or Atarka, World Render to close the game out right away. We can gain some card advantage with Dragonlord Ojutai or simply make our opponent discard their entire hand with Nicol Bolas. Each dragon has a role to play and helps us attack our opponents from a different angle, all leading to our opponents demise.

Scion of the Ur-Dragon helps tie everything together by being every dragon in the deck. Whatever the situation calls for, our commander will get the job done. If he is getting targeted by removal, we can turn him into Dragonlord Ojutai to protect him if need be. The only thing that we can’t protect our creatures from is a board sweep. Even so, we have Patriarch’s Bidding to turn things around after a Wrath of God. Whatever we need, Scion of the Ur-Dragon will become it. Unless if what we need isn’t a dragon. He can’t do that.

The same issues with any five color deck comes into play here, which is the mana base. We have heavy mana requirements so we need to prioritize our mana first and foremost. If we don’t have our mana base set up properly, we won’t be able to cast any of our sweet dragon spells. To help that, we have shocklands, fetchlands, guildgates, and five color lands to help us cast our spells. On top of that, we have mana fixers with signets, and mana rocks that can help fix our colors for us, as well as Joiner Adept and Chromatic Lantern to turn all of our lands into Command Towers essentially. If we can get our mana base working, it will be hard for our opponents to stop us.

This deck has been a ton of fun to test out over the past couple of weeks. It has been crushing opponents left and right, but not being an oppressive force. Its just a fun deck. If you like dragons, something tells me you already have a Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck of your own. If your looking for a new tribal deck to take for a spin, I can easily recommend this one to you. It is a bit pricey if you want to buy the real cards instead of on MTGO.

Thank you for checking out this weeks Commander Corner. If you have any suggestions of what you want to see in a future article, please let me know in the comments below. Next week, we need a lot of dice. See you soon, my friends.

– Steven Gulsby

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